Ukraine has its own weapons to attack the Rashists on their territory, – Danilov

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Ukraine has its own weapons to hit the Rashists on their territory, – Danilov

Ukraine has weapons of its own production , to hit the Russian Federation with it, and regarding weapons to liberate captured territories, the Ukrainian authorities are turning to partner countries. informed Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

«I can say: we have something to beat on the territory of the Russian Federation, with our own production. And in order for us to liberate our captured territories, we appeal to our partner countries to help us precisely with weapons to liberate these territories,” he said.

Danilov drew attention to the fact that Recently, both Germany and France have changed their position, and as of today they are cooperating with Ukraine as much as possible, “understanding all the treachery of the Russian Federation, which it showed (this – ed.) not only during our war, but also during those events which are currently taking place on the African continent.

«Unfortunately, there were Russians there. And what is happening today in certain African countries (to this – ed.) is directly related to the Russian Federation trying to seize influence in those territories to which it has nothing to do”, – noted the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine.

Answering the question whether the Russians have a chance to really create a point of tension in Africa that will divert the world's attention from the war in Ukraine, he assured that the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will definitely be on the agenda of the world, because it is, of course, will disturb all countries that are members of the EU.

«Niger could not do without them (Russians – ed.) in the same way. There are other countries where they are currently participating. But this does not mean that the world community's attention to our war will be somewhere in second place. The attention of the world (from this – ed.) will not be closed», – believes Danilov.