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Ukraine developed a tripod for the Mk19 grenade launcher: what is the advantage of the solution

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Ukraine developed a tripod for a Mk19 grenade launcher: what is the advantage of the solution

The device will allow you to fire from a grenade launcher from closed positions, since the standard version of the tripod does not allow you to do this without digging in.


MR Co. Ltd presented a new tripod for firing the American 40-mm Mk19 automatic grenade launcher from closed positions, reports the publication “Military”. Photos of the new development were released on the company's official Facebook page.

Features of the new tripod

The new device allows the Mk19 to fire from closed positions, significantly increasing operator safety. The main features of the tripod include:

Vertical pointing: performed by a mechanical device through a handle with angles in degrees. There is a mark of 70° on the scale.

Horizontal pointing: pointing angles are ±15.5°. For the convenience of the grenade launcher, two handles located in the same plane are provided.

Position leveling: carried out using a bubble on the turntable.

Transportation:  the grenade launcher can be transported in a folded form, when the supports are moved to the position under the tripod.

This design eliminates the disadvantage of a standard tripod, which does not allow firing from a closed position without digging in. The new approach makes it possible to use a grenade launcher similar to the Soviet AGS-17, where the operator and operator are out of line of sight to the target. increases the safety of fighters, as they can remain hidden while firing. This is especially important in active combat situations, when every possibility of protecting personnel is extremely important.

Capabilities of the Mk19 grenade launcher

The 40-mm automatic grenade launcher Mk19 has a standard mechanical sight with a scale of up to 1500 meters and can hit targets at a distance of up to 2200 meters. Accurate shooting at such distances is ensured by installing optical or other sights. For example, the Army Competent Aid Fund “Return Alive” has developed its own scope for such shooting and is handing them over to the troops, observers noted.

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