Ukraine denounces the presence of “civilian corpses in the streets” of Bakhmut

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Ukraine denounces the presence of "Corpses of civilians in the streets" of Bakhmut

The Ukrainian fighters resisting the Russian offensive on the city of Bakhmut have denounced the presence of civilian corpses in the streets and an intensification of fighting in the east of the town.

One of the members Khalid Makiazho, from a Chechen battalion who supports Ukraine, has recounted by telephone from Bakhmut in statements to Sky News that the violence of the combats prevents collecting the corpses , has recounted the “widespread destruction” of the town and has denounced the “chaotic bombing”.

Civilians who still remain in the city take refuge in basements. and only go out when they have no other option to get food. “There are still people in the city. Some are elderly and there are also civilian corpses. We are trying to recover them, but there is no way,” he said.

Russia continues to tighten its siege

Makhiazo has stressed that Russian forces have not taken the center of the city and remain on the outskirts despite official statements to the contrary. However, she has acknowledged that things can change “incredibly fast.”

“They're on the outskirts. Yes, they're here, but the city is under our control.I think there will be more fighting. We are not going to hand over the city like this. It's like that”, he stressed.

Meanwhile, Moscow has assured that in the last 24 hours it has killed more than 220 Ukrainian fighters. “During the “An infantry combat vehicle, three armored combat vehicles, seven vehicles and a D-30 artillery cannon have also been destroyed,” it reported. the Russian Defense Ministry.

On Saturday it was Kiev that reported more than 500 Russian servicemen killed or wounded in the last 24 hours in the last 24 hours. There is fighting for control of Bakhmut, where Russian forces and their allies from the Wagner mercenary group continue to try to encircle the town.

Moscow has stressed that the capture of Bakhmut would be a heavy blow to It would break the Ukrainian defenses and would be a major step forward in controlling the entirety of the Donbas region.