Ukraine asked for “immediate access” to the site where the missile fell in Poland

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kyiv's request comes after Warsaw and NATO ruled out a Russian attack and said the shell probably belonged to the Ukrainian anti-aircraft company

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Ukraine requested “immediate access” to the site where the missile landed in Poland

The remains of the missile that landed in Poland

Ukraine requested this Wednesday “immediate access” to the place in Poland where a missile fell, and which, according to Warsaw , it is “very likely” that it is a Ukrainian anti-aircraft projectile.

“Ukraine calls for immediate access to the crash site for defense representatives and border guards,” the secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council , Oleksiy Danilov< /b>, adding that it wanted a “joint examination of the incident”.

It further added that kyiv was ready to provide “evidence” of its accusations that Russia was responsible.

The Kremlin said Wednesday that Russia “had nothing to do with the missile explosion.”

Ukraine blamed Moscow, but Western leaders said the missile was likely launched by Ukrainian air defense against a Russian bombing raid on Tuesday.

Danilov said he was “waiting information from our partners” leading to the conclusion that “it was a Ukrainian air defense missile.”

Ukraine asked for “immediate access” to the missile landing site in Poland

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council

He asked that representatives of the border service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense can access the site and participate in a “joint examination of the incident”.

The Secretary General of the Treaty Organization of the North Atlantic, (NATO), Jens Stoltenberg, assured this Wednesday that “there are no indications of a deliberate attack” on Poland, after the explosion of a missile  that caused the death of two people in a town near the border with Ukraine.

Stoltenberg, said the explosion in Poland was probably the result of  Ukrainian anti-aircraft fire, but that Russia bears “ultimate responsibility” for the war.

“An investigation is underway into this incident and we must await its outcome… But we have no indication that it was the result of a deliberate attack,” Stoltenberg said after chairing a meeting of NATO ambassadors.

“Our preliminary analysis suggests that the incident was probably caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile fired to defend Ukrainian territory against Russian cruise missile attacks,” he added.

“But let me be clear, this is not Ukraine's fault,” he continued.

“Russia bears ultimate responsibility as it continues its illegal war against Ukraine,” the NATO chief said.

Russia launched a wave of missile attacks on Ukraine on Tuesday, while insisting it is not to blame for the explosion on Polish soil that sparked fears the conflict could escalate.

Poland called NATO emergency meetingin Brussels, prompting concern that NATO allies could be moving closer to an open confrontation with Russia .

But the President of Poland himself, Andrzej Duda,He also said of the blast, which killed two people in a Polish village near the Ukrainian border, that it was “most likely a rocket used in anti-missile defense, which means it was used by the Ukrainian defense forces.” ”.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, assured this Wednesday from Bali that it is “unlikely ” that the missile that caused an explosion in Poland, near the border with Ukraine, was fired from Russia and caused two deaths.

Asked by the press about whether the missile was fired by Russia, Biden said: “There is a lot of information that contradicts that. I don't want to say until we fully investigate, but it is unlikely, due to the trajectory, that it was fired from Russia.”

Biden spoke after convene an “emergency” meeting of the leaders of the Group of Seven and NATO in Indonesia to consult on the attack that killed two people in eastern Poland.

(With information from AFP)

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