Ukraine announces the liberation of dozens of settlements

Ukraine announces the liberation of dozens of settlements

Ukraine announces release of dozens settlements

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.   Ukraine claims liberation of dozens of settlements

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Ukraine and promised further assistance from the United States

Anthony Blinken told reporters before leaving Kyiv: “We have received comprehensive information about the counter-offensive, and, again, it is still very early, but we are seeing clear and real progress on the ground, especially around Kherson, as well as some interesting developments in the Donbass, in the east ”.

Blinken assured Ukraine of continuing US support “for as long as needed.” He announced a new tranche of $2.2 billion in aid to Ukraine and eighteen other countries potentially threatened by Russian aggression. Approximately one billion will go to Ukraine. The United States also announced that it was sending $675 million worth of weapons to Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “liberated dozens of settlements” and regained 1,000 square kilometers of territory in the east and south of the country from September 1.

Zelensky also posted a video in which Ukrainian soldiers announced the liberation of the city of Balakliya, Kharkiv region. A video posted on a popular Ukrainian news aggregator shows Russian troops abandoning trucks, artillery and ammunition boxes. The unexpected counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Kharkiv region led to the fact that a sudden and deep blow was dealt to the rear of the Russian troops. kilometers to the rear of Russian troops and regained control over two dozen settlements in the Kharkiv region.

However, Vitaly Ganchev, a local official who defected to the Russian side in 2014, claimed on Russian state television that Moscow had beaten back a Ukrainian attempt to encircle and seize Balakliya, which he says remains under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

If the successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are reinforced, this will be a serious blow to Russia, which, according to Western intelligence agencies, has suffered huge losses. It will also be a powerful incentive for Ukraine, which seeks to show its allies that it can turn the tide of the war and deserves further support.

Ukraine has been conducting a counteroffensive on the southern front in the region for several weeks now. Kherson. Western military analysts believe Russia may have left itself unprotected in other areas as it moved troops south.

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexei Arestovich said: “This is a huge success. We found a weak point where the enemy was not ready.”