UK to give Ukraine underwater drones

UK to give Ukraine underwater drones

Great Britain donates underwater drones to Ukraine

Photo: Underwater drone/publicly available

The UK will give Ukraine six underwater drones that will help in detecting mines in coastal waters. London will also help with training the Ukrainian military in the use of devices, reports the press service of the British Ministry of Defense.

Three drones will be transferred from a warehouse in the UK, three more will be purchased specifically for Kyiv. The ministry did not specify the model of the drone, but said that the light autonomous vehicle is designed for use in shallow coastal conditions and operates at a depth of up to 100 meters to find mines.< /p>

Dozens of servicemen of the Ukrainian Navy will be taught how to use drones in the coming months, the ministry said. The first group of military personnel has already begun training. How many people in the group are not specified

“This vital equipment and training will help Ukraine secure its waters, secure its world grain supply, and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their quest to protect their coastline and ports,” – said the Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace.

Earlier, BAGNET reported that on August 24, the UK and Norway announced that they would transfer Black Hornet  microdrones worth $9.2 million to Ukraine .

Prepared by: Sergey Daga