UK moves to moratorium on shale gas

UK moves to moratorium on shale gas

Great Britain implemented shale gas moratorium

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Experts had doubts that the moratorium could help reduce prices for energy in winter

The authorities of the region allowed gas to be produced by hydraulic fracturing, which was fenced in 2019 through the threat of earthquakes.

Order of Great Britain for the sake of “improvement of energy security” the region lifted the moratorium on the production of shale natural gas by the method of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). “We will need to take into account all the available opportunities for the production of energy from the sun, wind, the production of oil and gas; voted in order on Thursday, May 22.

Lifting the moratorium on shale gas production – This is one of the entries in the new round of granting licenses for the type of oil and gas booth, which is being developed in the UK. The authorities of the krai rozrakhovu give more than a hundred licenses to the retailers of clans. “At the face of Putin's illegal intrusion into Ukraine, the transformation of the energy sector for the protection of our energy security is an absolute priority”, – bald in the order.

The decision was made by the Cuadrilla Resources company, which is the largest source of shale gas production in the country. “A moratorium to help the shale industry unblock British natural gas in quantities sufficient to satisfy the needs of the UK in the next decade”, – was appointed by the company.

Fracking gas production was fetched in 2019

Hydraulic fracking for gas production was fetched in the UK in 2019 through a threat earthquakes. Against fracking come forward and environmental activism, zocrema due to the unsafe contamination of waters with brackish chemical pollutants.

energy sources in winter, shards for the development of the gallery need a lot of rock.

“Navit as the risks seem to be ceramics and acceptable, shale gas is in line for delivery to the UK only in that fall, as if the next ten years will be tested successful Sverdlovin”, – Professor of Durham University Andrew Aplin told the agency.