UK is testing robotic cats to replace waiters

UK is testing robotic cats to replace waiters

In the chain of British restaurants «Bella Italia» robots have appeared that replace waiters. They can move between tables and the kitchen, overcome obstacles and bypass «brothers». BellaBot is designed for 400 daily deliveries. 20 robots can work at the same time. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Robot cats are being tested in Britain instead of waiters

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Robots have been given the interface of cats. Therefore, he will «meow» visitors to collect their plates. Bellabot has 4 shelves to serve 4 tables. Each tray can withstand a load of up to 10 kilograms. To fully charge such a «waiter» it takes 5 hours. After that, it continues up to 24 hours.

On special occasions, robots perform and entertain , even sing «Happy Birthday».

В Britain is testing robotic cats instead of waiters

Recall that earlier wrote that employees of the University of Tokyo created a robotic finger with living human skin. The experiment turned out to be successful. The coating turned out to be quite elastic and regenerated.