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September 13, 2021 by archyde

Not only do they wander freely in the green meadows of Windsor, but they lead a life worthy of British royalty. You imagine? Life of the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom It is full of details and curiosities that attract attention, such as its careful diet, the portfolio that is never missing before leaving the palace and that no one can touch, among others. In addition to being the monarch, she also has a great love for animals and not only for horses or her corgis dogs, but she has 165 dairy cows that are not commoners and sleep full of comforts.

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Most belong to the ‘Pretty Polly’ lineage and arrived in 1871, when Queen Victoria received them as gifts. From there they began to have ‘royal treatment’ and have facilities full of luxuries.

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Such as details ‘Hello there’, the Windsor estate “It has automatic brushes that you can scrub with to remove dirt and relieve stress; high-tech robots for milking them; permanently cleaning the barn where each animal has its individual space and the ground they walk on is not grass, but a waterbed “. According to experts, this helps them protect the backs, hocks and udder, in addition to preventing sores or pain that traditional floors can cause.

The cows featured alongside Elizabeth II and her late husband Philip of Edinburgh relieve their stress with automatic brushes. (Photo: @theroyalfamily / Instagram)

Dairy cows alive as queens

The first time that the royal cows appeared on television was when the BBC broadcast three chapters on the farms on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its ‘Countryfile’ program and the 65th anniversary of the coronation of the queen Isabel II.

“When the cow lies down, the water pushes below the pressure points where it lies and ends up floating”, explained a person in charge to the BBC on the waterbeds.

The passion of Isabel II For the animals it is not news because, in addition to his beloved dogs, there are his horses with which he continues to walk around the palace. For this reason, the Windsor farm manager did not hesitate to say that “Queen Elizabeth is the farmer”.

The sovereign was not the only one worried about the cows, as her husband Philip of Edinburgh he was also aware of the cattle pen at Balmoral. Following his death in April 2021, the official Facebook account of the British royal family explained that he “Duque worked with farm workers, farmers and conservationists to maintain the farms for future generations, through wildlife and biodiversity conservation initiatives. In recent years, His Royal Highness received regular updates and became very interested in developments in the states.

Pigeons messages

Not only do the 165 dairy cows in Windsor attract attention, but the monarch has 200 homing pigeons living in a luxurious loft on her estate at Sandringham House in Norfolk. They share Balmoral Castle with a colony of bats that have free entry to the place.

‘Hello there’ It also highlights that the grandmother of Enrique de Sussex and Guillermo de Cambridge owns the swans of the Thames and every year their number is controlled to prevent the population from falling. Also, by virtue of a law of 1324 of King Edward II, still in force: “The king will possess all things of the sea throughout the kingdom, whales and sturgeons caught in the sea or anywhere else within the kingdom”, That is, she owns all marine animals caught three miles or less off the coast of the UK.

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