Ufologists have announced the beginning of the landing in Mexico of the aliens

Ufologists have voiced the assumption that in Mexico began landing of aliens. Recently in the country often enough recorded cases of UFO sightings.

Уфологи заявили о начале высадки в Мексике пришельцев

21 may, residents of the Mexican municipality of Ciudad Valles drew attention to a strange hum of unknown origin, resembling an explosion. When the witnesses decided to see what was the case in the field of view was a strange mysterious creature, which even managed to capture on photo. Later on this incident was told many residents of nearby settlements. A number of citizens suggested that he observed a Sasquatch, but the conspiracy theorists have their own version.

Ufologists admit that in fact people witnessed aliens created mechanisms-walkers. In the indicated theory fit including the sounds that accompanied the process. Another conspiracy theory suggests that the hill was a giant animal from a parallel dimension.

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