UEFA European Under-21: Latvia U21 vs Russia U21 live streaming free

UEFA European Under-21: Latvia U21 vs Russia U21 live streaming free

Latvia U21 vs Russia U21 live streaming free
Latvia U21 – Russia U21. Euro qualification prediction (13 October 2020)

On October 13, the youth team of Russia in case of a victory over the national team of Latvia guarantees itself the right to play at Euro. Will we be able to get such important three points? – the answer is in the forecast of our experts.

Latvia U21

The youth team of Latvia is the main outsider of the fifth selection group for the European Championship. The team has four points scored after eight matches. In the last meeting, the Latvians lost to the youth team of Bulgaria.

The Latvian national team lacks creativity in attack. For eight matches played, the team managed to score only five goals.

Russia U21
The Serbian national team, which managed to outplay the Poles (1: 0), presented a big surprise to the charges of Mikhail Galaktionov. Thus, the Russian team took the clear first place in its group. Our squad scored twenty points for nine fights played.

In the last match, the Russian national team managed to outplay the Estonian national team (4: 0). For a guaranteed entry into the Euro, you need to defeat the Latvian national team.

The teams met each other eight times. In all matches, the Russian national team was stronger
Latvia have lost 4 of their last 10 home games
The Russian national team won 5 out of 10 away matches
Personal meetings
11/15/19 Russia U21 Latvia U21 20

The statistics of our team at a party is not impressive, but now there is no time for experiments. We believe that our team will be able to achieve the most important victory. It is necessary to get three points without experimenting and issue an entry to Euro.

We believe that now the Russian national team is in excellent game form, which will allow it to achieve a confident victory with a difference of two or more goals and to issue direct access to the European Championship. In this case, there will be no need to wait for the matches of the Polish national team to end.

Our prediction is the victory of the Russian national team, taking into account the handicap (-1.5) and we bet on this along the Vinline line with a coefficient of 1.64.

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