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Uber seeks injunction against Toronto

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Toronto wants to suspend the issuance of licenses for new drivers. Uber seeks injunction. (Archive photo)


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The giant Uber attacks the City of Toronto and asks the courts to annul a municipal by-law temporarily suspending the granting licenses for its drivers.

On October 11, during a vote as part of discussions on the ecological transition of ride-sharing companies, the municipal council adopted a by-law suspending the granting of permits until a study is carried out by officials.

In a request for an injunction, Uber maintains that the regulation is illegal, since the City did not warn it that it was going to present it. The company adds that the settlement is in bad faith and is discriminatory.

Uber maintains that the City did not disclose in the ;agenda of the council meeting of October 11 that the elected officials were going to vote on this motion. The company continues that the board knew or should have known that the suspension was illegal.

By email, the City of Toronto acknowledged that it had received the request for an injunction. The City is currently consulting the request and will not comment since the matter is before the courts, she said. The municipal by-law also applies to Lyft drivers.

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Taxi drivers were delighted with the motion.

In a statement, Uber spokesperson Keerthana Rang — a former employee in ex-Mayor John Tory's office — said, says Mayor Olivia Chow is making life more difficult and less affordable for Torontonians with this bylaw.

By not announcing her intentions before the October 11 meeting, the City acted in bad faith, Uber says.

The council avoided consulting the stakeholders most directly affected [by the settlement], we read in the American giant's court application.

The settlement has irreparably harmed Uber, the company says. She requests the suspension of the settlement during legal proceedings.

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