Uber operates in vehicles with internal combustion engines

Uber operates in vehicles with internal combustion engines

Breakers will be excluded from fleet service in the US, Canada and Europe.

Uber drives cars with internal combustion engines

International taxi service Uber is calling for a radical change in the bіk of “green” mobility. Following the plan of the company's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber will drive any number of vehicles with internal combustion engines, including hybrids, from 2030 to rock in the main markets, according to CBS News. Taxi fleets and waterways, if they are working with the company, are given all the chances to transfer to electric cars.

Uber is already alive, coming in to change the upcoming changes. Some places in the USA have launched the Comfort Electric function, which allows passengers to choose only “battery” cars for their trip. Tzheogo Tizhnyu, who was accessible to the same time at the 25th mines of America.

ONEKS POLODFORM, I am JAVPORTSYUTH MILION VODIVA, MAH IT ROZPOGOGOGENIA 25 TISYACH ELEKTRAVA, so the uberbter MAY MAM MAY MAL . According to Khosrovshah's plan, already until 2023, the number of electric vehicles will be brought up: water, so as to change the car from the Far Eastern Railway, not an electric car, compensation is paid, for which the company pledged 800 million dollars.


Okrim tsgogo, Uber pays electric car drivers an extra dollar for a skin trip and a discount for charging. The company is also in partnership with the Hertz rental company, which allows them to rent Tesla on a 100% or 100% basis. The waters that were transferred to electric cars mean a sharp increase in tips: one of them spoke about the increase in such surcharges, approximately twice.