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QJ 5x U mad, bro?: A lot of warmth on Mike Tomlin, Artwork Rooney II, Huge Ben, Pens followers, Pirates expectations - The Times Hub

U mad, bro?: A lot of warmth on Mike Tomlin, Artwork Rooney II, Huge Ben, Pens followers, Pirates expectations

U mad, bro?: A lot of warmth on Mike Tomlin, Artwork Rooney II, Huge Ben, Pens followers, Pirates expectations

This week’s “U mad, bro?” turns ugly for Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and proprietor Artwork Rooney II.

Penguins followers take somewhat slap. We get a 2021 Pirates actuality test. There’s an intensive examination of Chilly Warfare-era Europe. And I name out one in all my TribLive colleagues.

As a result of he deserves it!

I’ll get to sports activities stuff in a second. However I’ve to start out with this tweet that personally made me mad. It comes from my TribLive compatriot Chris Adamski.

No, Chris. We shouldn’t have a dialog about white chocolate. Ever!

In actual fact, let’s by no means converse of it once more. Let’s act as if it doesn’t exist. Let me dwell in a world the place I can faux that white chocolate wasn’t despatched down from the heavens as a option to smite us for all of our sins.

I see white chocolate, and I’ve the identical response as I do when the Steelers go five-wide on third-and-1 from the purpose line.

Why would I eat one thing that tastes like a plastic six-pack holder and has the feel of the seashell hand cleaning soap at my grandma’s home?

White chocolate is an abomination. It’s a crime in opposition to humanity. It’s the dessert equal of what occurred when all these animals got here again to life in “Pet Cemetery.” It’s unholy and unnatural.

It’s dangerous plain. And it’s dangerous combined. I don’t like white chocolate mochas. I don’t like white chocolate chips in cookies. It even ruins raspberry cheesecake as a drizzled topping.

How are you going to destroy a raspberry cheesecake?! However it does. It … does!

White chocolate makes me so indignant, I take a look at that bunny, and I simply begin rooting for a milk chocolate owl to swoop down from the skies and snatch it out of your palms to take it away to a becoming finish.

That is the one “White Chocolate” I like.

So, Chris, nay! Nay, I say! And don’t you dare choose me on this 12 months’s firm Secret Santa. I get the sensation I do know what I’m gonna get.

OK. Again to a lot much less vital objects.

R.J. has a bone to choose with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and proprietor Artwork Rooney II. Come to consider it, what number of bones are within the human physique? I feel it’s 206, proper? That’s about the place R.J. is.

So many issues improper! The place do I start? He desires Ben again? WHY??

Critically, Rooney ACTUALLY believed Tomlin had the Steelers ready? Yeah, turnovers should not his fault, however sport planning and having your protection prepared certainly are!!

Yunz (that’s the way it was once spelled till the yuppies moved in) followers know Tomlin merely folded down the stretch, Mr. Rooney. I assume he had them ready for Washington & Cincy too?

Tomlin is the ‘Berlin Wall.’ He collapses on a yearly foundation.

Nicely, I’d argue that the Berlin Wall collapsed in a single particular 12 months. That might be 1989. And, technically, it was early November.

And, as everyone knows, Tomlin groups wait till December to break down.

Hey, oh! Strive the veal. Tip your waitress.

However, sure, to your level, it took 4 years for the bodily wall to erode, get chipped aside and demolished.

Wait a minute, how lengthy has it been for the reason that Steelers final gained a playoff sport? Hmm. R.J., yinz could also be on to one thing.


A yuppie who moved in.

Brad would really like a phrase or two on Tomlin and Huge Ben as nicely.

Ben thinks he’s nonetheless elite. He isn’t. I imagine the second half of the season is the true Ben.

So the Steelers are caught with him for at the very least yet one more 12 months. Mike (Tomlin) both doesn’t suppose there’s an issue or at the very least he’s not accountable for it. He appears helpless. Each these of us at all times say to the media, ‘I gotta do higher. We gotta do higher.’

And when it counts. They don’t do higher. How is ‘higher’ achieved if nothing is modified?

Brad, I feel you’re basically proper. And I’ll take your level one step deeper.

My largest concern is that “second-half Ben” was fairly near the identical man within the first half. However the staff performed higher round him. And opponents didn’t imagine what they had been on movie.

The run sport was higher early. The broad receivers had been higher early. The offensive line was higher early. Defenses didn’t know find out how to deal with Chase Claypool. The receivers didn’t have as many drops. The Steelers protection was getting the ball again extra usually and creating extra detrimental performs.

And I nonetheless suppose that groups on the opposite sideline wanted about 10 weeks to determine the brief passing sport. And after they did, the Steelers didn’t have a solution besides one time within the second half in opposition to the Indianapolis Colts.

Don’t get tricked by the massive offensive numbers in opposition to the Cleveland Browns within the playoff sport. That staff was enjoying a forestall protection within the second quarter.

Principally, the final six weeks of the season had been like taking one large chunk of white chocolate.

Have I expressed my opinions on white chocolate earlier than? Oh, I did?


Kurt disagrees with the mock draft of the Steelers buying and selling as much as choose Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.

Yup. That was principally my pondering, too, Kurt.

Right here’s what’s out of the blue attention-grabbing to me now, although, after Wednesday’s information. If the Steelers actually are preserving Roethlisberger yet one more 12 months, what turns into of backup quarterback Mason Rudolph? His contract is finished after subsequent 12 months, too.

Since they’ve Dwayne Haskins, do they commerce Rudolph for a choose? Do they let each quarterbacks stroll after 2021 after which draft a pair or signal one and draft one in 2022?

Hmm. Appears like Monday’s column to me.

“Mike Mc.” doesn’t suppose that Penguins followers are able to seeing the forest by way of the bushes.

Pens followers are delusional, it’s like the speak of reacquiring Marc-Andre Fleury. How precisely would the Pens try this? The cabinet is naked, (draft) choose and prospect smart they usually might or might not get a No. 1 for Kris Letang. Pens followers haven’t been on this place for the reason that 12 months 2002 and it reveals.

Nicely, Mike, they need to be higher conscious. Keep in mind 2015? They had been awfully near lacking the playoffs then, and a sudden rebuild across the core was wanted.

Fortunately that occurred and it yielded just a few extra Stanley Cups. However now, they’re wedged within the center.

And, sure, the Fleury stuff is nuts as a result of he’s been nice. The Vegas Golden Knights are contending. And the Penguins have little to supply in return. In order that deal would by no means occur. I feel the upcoming resolution of find out how to offset Jason Zucker’s loss is a big indicator of how Brian Burke and Ron Hextall are viewing their very own want to chase one other playoff run.

Lastly, Rick replied to a query posed whereas I used to be on WPXI’s “Last Phrase” Sunday evening. “Will the Pirates go over or beneath the Las Vegas projected win whole of 59.5 wins?”

Yup, that is the place we’re with baseball in Pittsburgh. Once you predict “solely” 99 losses. And that makes you a cockeyed optimist.


What’s subsequent at PNC Park? White chocolate-flavored pierogies?

Tim Benz is a Tribune-Assessment workers author. You’ll be able to contact Tim at or by way of Twitter. All tweets could possibly be reposted. All emails are topic to publication except specified in any other case.

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