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The driver of a U-Haul truck arrested after pursuit

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The driver of a box truck was arrested following a pursuit in downtown Toronto.


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Toronto police arrested the driver of a U-Haul truck downtown after a chase involving several police cars and a helicopter.

Emergency squad officers tracked the truck using a York Regional Police helicopter.

Police say the driver, a 49-year-old man, was behind the wheel of a stolen U-Haul truck. Police were investigating an incident that took place on December 6 at the Scarborough Town Center shopping centre. An off-duty police officer then suffered a serious wrist injury when he tried to intervene during a robbery.

Police then said three men and a woman were involved in the theft.

On Wednesday morning, police attended the intersection of Danforth and Warden avenues as part of the investigation. They then allegedly saw one of the four people involved in the theft. This person allegedly fled in the U-Haul truck.

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