Two women sentenced to death in Iran

Two women sentenced to death in Iran

In Iran, k two women sentenced to death

Flag of Iran (illustrative photo)   Two women sentenced to death in Iran

This was reported by the state agency IRNA

Over the past few days, two women in Iran have been sentenced to death on charges of “spreading corruption on earth” and human trafficking, Iranian official news agency IRNA reported on Monday.

Lawyers and a human rights group on social media have shared photos of the two women, claiming they are innocent and LGBT rights activists.

Contrary to the news Published online, the convicts deceived and smuggled young women and girls out of the country, promising them educational and work opportunities, which led to the suicide of several of their victims,” IRNA reported.

“Corruption on the ground” – is a term that the Iranian authorities use to refer to a wide range of offenses, including those related to Islamic morality.

In March, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described same-sex relations as part of the “moral privation” that is widespread in Western civilization.

Western human rights groups often criticize Iran for its handling of LGBT issues. According to Iran's legal system, same-sex relationships can be punishable by death.