Two social leaders who have disappeared since October in Guaviare are found dead and one more is murdered in Cauca

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In the midst of the binding dialogues that took place in the south of the country, they paid tribute to them. The other victim was an indigenous community member who was killed along with his wife

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Two social leaders who have disappeared since October in Guaviare are found dead and one more is murdered in Cauca

May was the month with the most displaced persons , since 11,400 people had to leave their homes, mainly in the department of Nariño (on the border with Ecuador). Stock photography. EFE/Ernesto Guzmán Jr.

The list of social leaders murdered in Colombia continues to grow and so far in November there have been 10 of these people murdered in the country with the crimes of Querubín Mendoza and Jhony Rodríguez in San José del Guaviare, and that of Juan Alberto Guejia Peteche in Silvia (Cauca).

In the first two cases, the leaders were reported missing since last October 23, after they attended a meeting with the community in the sector of Macaws,reported at the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz).

Their whereabouts were unknown since then, until they were found dead on Friday, November 18 and the circumstances in which they were murdered are being investigated.

Mendoza was a representative in Caño Mosco, while Rodríguez stood out for his work in Caño Moscow, villages in rural areas of the capital of Guaviare.

During the binding regional dialogues that took place on Saturday, November 19 in San José del Guaviare, the mayor of that town in the south of the country, Ramón Guevara, paid tribute to these two people, reported on the RCN Radio station.

“I appreciate this space and with this minute of silence I want to ask the world to give us back peace, tranquility (…) I want that as a Colombian”, They cited the words of the local president, who once again asked the National government not to allow impunity for these two crimes.

The homicide of Juan Alberto Guejia Peteche was also reported on Friday, November 18,, after the indigenous social leader was kidnapped along with his wife, one of his sons and one of his granddaughters, three days before he was assassinated together with his sentimental partner, they pointed out in Indepaz.

The lifeless bodies were found in the upper area of ​​the Pitayó páramo, in the vicinity of the road that leads from Silvia to Mosoco. The son of the victims, a minor under 16 years of age, managed to flee from his captors, and the granddaughter was released by the criminals who perpetrated the double homicide, they indicated in the NGO.

“For their part, the indigenous authorities of the area are verifying the details of what happened and are searching for the perpetrators,of those who have indicated caused a territorial disharmony ”, they added in Indepaz.

Guejia Peteche was a member of the Nasa de Pitayo indigenous reservation and, in addition, he was a community member and ancestral expert within the ancestral community, they highlighted.

In this way, the extermination of social leaders in the country continues, and a total of 167 murders of these people is completed and 1,394 since the peace agreement was signed between the Colombian State and the extinct FARC guerrilla.

With these three new homicides, this month there would be a total of 10 together with those of Mario Oscar Solarte in Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca), Carlos Andrés Posada in Ituango (Antioquia), Dositeo Ojeda Mena in Taminango (Nariño) and Edgar Ayala Pinto in Cúcuta (Norte de Santander).

In addition, this month the crimes of four indigenous leaders have been reported: Francisco Sarco Pipicay, 29, and Carlitos Urágama Cano, 23, who They were murdered in the rural area of ​​Quibdó (Chocó). Juvencio Cerquera in Sotará (Cauca) and Armando Hanipe Cabrera in Nuquí (Chocó).

In October, a total of 15 crimes against social leaders were reported and although There was optimism in September, since the number of homicides of these people reached eight in that month, when there is an average of 13 crimes per month, it seems that the country is still making no progress to safeguard the lives and integrity of these people.