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“Two radically different machines”: a Ukrainian pilot compared the Su-27 aircraft with the F-16

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

"Two radically different machines": the Ukrainian pilot compared the Su-27 aircraft with the F-16

The pilot noted that the Su-27 resource has not yet been exhausted, they you can still fight. But after the war, Ukraine should think about whether it is necessary to invest money in them.

The pilot of the Ukrainian tactical aviation brigade, Andriy, who works on the Su-27 aircraft, told whether Ukraine should modernize Soviet fighters. 

The pilot said this in an interview  Armiya TV.

“It is constantly being modernized, we constantly come up with something new there, deliver it, finish it. We calmly work with Western weapons – we also connected it there in a certain way. The resource, exploitation – can still fly and fly. Of course, after the war we have to think , does it make sense to operate this aircraft. Because the resource is already running out. Does it make sense to modernize it, to bring it to the same state as the F-16, Gripen, etc.?”, – says pilot Andriy.

The pilot compared the Soviet Su-27 fighter jets with the Western F-16s. He admitted that he had not personally flown the F-16, but he talked a lot about them with his brothers. 

“Simulators are one thing, but real flight is completely different. These are two radically different machines. For certain tasks, the Su-27 is perfect. But the thrill you get from the F-16 when you capture a target at certain distances that you didn't even think was possible. It's a different thrill,” – added Andriy.

Senior maintenance technician Dmytro adds that he gets a certain admiration when he sends a fully equipped board and it returns empty. “You understand that it fell somewhere. And you understand that it is – not in vain”, – he says.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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