Two racist generals ended up in handcuffs

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Two racist generals ended up in handcuffs

They are suspected of corruption with Ministry of Defense lands, writes "Radio Liberty" and adds that they were responsible for the air defense complex of Moscow.

One of them was the commander of the 1st army of air and anti-missile defense of special purpose, responsible for the direct defense of the city, the second – commanded the air defense division in this army.

Major generals Kostyantyn Ohienko and Dmytro Bilyatskyi are accused of allocating the lands of the Ministry of Defense in the nearby Moscow suburbs for sale for residential development.

The accusation states that that the generals agreed to receive a bribe of 30 million rubles, but managed to receive only half a million. Kostyantyn Ohienko denies guilt, his subordinate Bilyatsky partially admits, he agreed to a deal with the investigation. The first is arrested in the SIZO, the second is under house arrest.