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Two planes collided during an air show in Portugal (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Two planes collided during an air show in Portugal (video)


As a result of a plane collision during an air show in Portugal, one of the pilots was killed and another was injured – investigation is underway. This reports Dailymail.

It is noted that the tragedy occurred on Sunday, June 2, over the air base in Beja, located approximately 180 km south of Lisbon. Then six small planes were performing stunts, when suddenly two of them collided, causing one of the aircraft to explode.

One plane crashed on the territory of the air base, and the other managed to land on the airport take-off board. Emergency services rushed to the scene.

"Two of the six stunt planes participating in the Beja air show in the Alentejo region of Portugal collided",— the Portuguese Air Force reported.

Video captured the moment when the planes took off into the sky, but one of them lost control and began to rapidly fly higher before falling. The aircraft suffered severe damage to the tail section, causing it to lose control and crash.

"The Air Force regrets to report that at 16:05 (15:05 GMT) at the air show in Beja, two aircraft were killed during an air demonstration involving six aircraft.” said in a short statement by the PAF.

The group of pilots performing the stunts included citizens of Portugal and Spain; a Spaniard was killed. An investigation into the tragedy has already begun.

After the air show, the largest festival in Portugal, “Beja AirShow” has been cancelled.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

Natasha Kumar

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