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Two Ontarians accused of Nazi terrorism

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The two accused participated in the creation of recruitment videos for the extreme right, according to the RCMP. (Archive photo)


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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (GCR) announces the arrest of two men who allegedly “participated in the creation of manifestos for the Terrorgram network and recruitment videos for the Atomwaffen Division, in support of the movement x27;extreme right and neo-Nazi terrorism.”

Canada designated the Atomwaffen Division as a terrorist entity in 2021, notes the RCMP in a press release.

The two Ontario accused were apprehended following an 18-month investigation by the RCMP's Integrated National Security Team (INST) for the Greater Toronto and South West Region. /p>

One ​​of them faces multiple charges, including committing hate crimes in the name of #x27;terrorist group, participation in the activities of a terrorist group and facilitating terrorist activity.

The other man is accused of participating in the activities of a terrorist group.

Both accused appeared in court on Wednesday. They remain in detention while awaiting their release hearing.

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According to the RCMP, Atomwaffen Division is an international neo-Nazi terrorist group that was founded in the United States and is active in the United Kingdom, in Canada, Germany and elsewhere in the world.

It encourages acts of violence against racial, religious and ethnic groups, police officers and bureaucrats, in order to precipitate the collapse of the company, adds the RCMP.

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