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Two graduates from Lutsk built a Lego robot and won a competition in America

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

Two graduates from Lutsk built a Lego robot and won a competition in America

Yulian Golovchuk and Dmytro Nazaruk, already graduates of Lutsk Lyceum No. 9, started to do robotics last year. Then the boys didn't know that their passion would lead them to New York, and the development would win gold in an international competition. 

How a robot was created

The robot looks like a child's toy, but in reality there are many different types of gears and transitions hidden in it, the guys in the “Channel 12” story tell. Everything had to be calculated mathematically. 

The robot is controlled by a joystick, and also with the help of a claw that works through the phone. It was the creation of the claw that took the boys the most time, which had 20 concepts. 

To create such a robot, you need to be able to program and make technical calculations. 

"The two of us, like an engineer and a programmer, make a team of robot technicians, — the boys talk about their duo. 

The work was created in the informatics office, where the boys spent time after classes, on weekends and vacations. 

The boys' academic supervisor and teacher informatics scientist Andriy Rohovskyi says that the boys' development has not yet been patented. The work is planned to be improved.

Victory in < strong>international competitions GENIUS Olympiad («Olympiad of geniuses») in New York 

The finals of the competition took place on June 10–14 in the Rochester Technological New York State Institute. 40 teams of schoolchildren from 67 countries of the world took part in the competition, Souspilne writes.

According to Dmytro, participants were awarded points for the robot's performance of assigned tasks: “Our goal was for the robot to be able to retrieve objects from different places, to be compact and manoeuvrable.” And we constructed a robot with Lego, which with with the help of claws and retractable arrow reaches a large number of’objects».

Dmytro and Yulian won gold in the direction«Robotics».


The boys were awarded medals and received a discount in the amount of $25,000 dollars for studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. According to them, a year of higher education costs $75,000. But the boys plan to enter higher education institutions in Ukraine.

About future plans

The boys plan to enter KPI and&nbsp ;create developments for the Armed Forces.

«Now we will be engaged in the work that is going on for our military. We will not collect them ourselves, we will join the teams, we will help, advise, share experience», — say Dmytro and Julian.

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