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Two buses and their passengers stuck on Route 172 for several hours

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Route 172 is completely closed from Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, where only local traffic is accepted.

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Two buses with on board Nearly 50 passengers in total are currently stuck on Route 172 between Sainte-Rose-du-Nord and Sacré-Coeur due to weather conditions that forced its closure. All people are doing well.

One of the two drivers, Cédric Deschênes, affirms that the situation is under control and is awaiting instructions from the authorities before he can continue his journey. He and the 30 passengers on his bus were heading to Sacré-Cœur after attending a show in Saguenay. They have been stuck since 1 a.m., Saturday night. The driver explained to Radio-Canada that the road was very dangerous.

We skidded, but I managed to keep control and we leaned onto the snow bank on the side of the road, assured Mr. Deschênes, who is still on site. We didn't take the ditch, nothing. […] It was too dangerous and anyway, I wasn't able to move from there. It was no longer moving forward and it was no longer going backwards.

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Route 172 is closed indefinitely due to severe weather conditions.

Cédric Deschênes and his passengers are at kilometer 75, while the bus and the 14 people on board are at kilometer 65. p>

On our side, everything was fine, he added. All I know is that they [the other bus] might have less gas. But, hoping that we can take off again to pick it up.

The mayor of Sacré-Cœur, Lise Boulianne, deplores the lack of cellular network on the route 172, which made the situation more difficult for some passengers.

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We know that the bus which was at kilometer 65 had no means of communication.

A quote from Lise Boulianne, mayor of Sacré-Coeur

I would tell you, from kilometer 28 to kilometer, I would tell you, 70-75, there is no cellular coverage that works, said the mayor. So, that’s problematic.

Lise Boulianne believes that we must act quickly to prevent accidents from having serious consequences like that of last July, where three people died . There was an accident last summer, she said. A lady died precisely because there was no cell coverage and it took too long for help to arrive.

With information from Jean-François Coulombe

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