Twitter founder shares his money

The founder of the popular social network Twitter, Jack Dorsey told the press about plans for life. A philanthropist wants to give all their savings to charities.

Основатель Twitter раздает свои деньги

Jack Dorsey decided to dedicate his life to helping those in need. The plans of the founder of Twitter to donate their savings to charity. Philanthropist wants to see the positive changes that occur in society with his support. At the moment, Jack Dorsey has already sent to various charities of more than $ 85 million. Business wants to create their own organization to help because of extra costs for maintenance and management. It is more logical to invest in the funds, which are actively helping people, because they have established contacts and infrastructure.

It is worth noting, Jack Dorsey is an absolute record for the size of the donation to fight the pandemic coronavirus. A philanthropist gave a billion dollars, and that 28 percent of the total savings of the businessman. However, the founder of Twitter is not going to stop, so he will continue to Finance funds for the fight against COVID-19 and beyond.

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