Twitter Blue arrives with longer videos, fewer ads and more options

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The new features of the service are now available for some iOS users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

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Twitter Blue comes with longer videos, fewer ads, and more options

Twitter Blue. (photo: Variety)

Elon Musk and his management began to roll out the new Twitter Blue. Of course, its availability is currently limited to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The new Twitter Blue maintains some of the features offered by the previous administration of the social network. However, the biggest innovation Elon Musk has brought to membership is profile verification.

For $8,a user can get the typical blue badge that all platforms have to differentiate a person. But obviously, it's the check that only those with a large following can aspire to.

Other features coming soon to Twitter Blue include the ability to post longer videos (more than 2:20 minutes) and increase the visibility of your tweets in replies, mentions and searches. Finally, you will see fewer ads when you subscribe.

All the news that Elon Musk's new Twitter Blue would bring

The latest version of Twitter for iOS now shows in its description the news that is coming to Twitter Blue and that will be activated in the next few hours, where the price of the service is confirmed, as well as the issue of blue verification, fewer ads, longer videos and content priority.< /p>

The most outstanding novelty of this latest version of Twitter Blue is the price of USD$7.99 “if you register now”, so it could even go up in price later if it is understood as a promotion for early adopters.

On the other hand, the only way to get blue verification will be with Twitter Blue, although it is unknown if the process will be easier than before.

Twitter Blue arrives with longer videos, fewer ads and more options

News for Twitter Blue. (Photo: Twitter/Jose Arana)

Another novelty, expected and evident, is that when subscribed, users will see fewer ads, although their proportion with respect to those users is unknown. that they will not be subscribed to the service.

Something that will be appreciated is the possibility of being able to publish longer videos, something that will delight content creators and the companies themselves, who will see one more reason to subscribe.

You would also have an order of more precise relevance. By being subscribed to Twitter Blue, users will have priority if it is quality content, both in replies, mentions and search, they comment that this will help reduce scams, spam and bots.

Twitter Blue arrives with longer videos, fewer ads and more options

Learn what's new in Twitter Blue. Photo: diffusion.

Fraudulent accounts could be a problem

Obviously, this suggestion makes it easier to control the account, but it can also cause serious problems for Twitter. Why? Many users are probably interested in verifying their accounts and currently the company is not sure if Twitter's current staff can handle the large number of requests.

And it is currently unknown whether Twitter's current verification system is cheat-proof. More than a few will want to pose as a false identity, which could lead to significant problems.

Twitter Blue arrives with longer videos, fewer ads and more options

Twitter. (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

At a time when politicians and businessmen (from Elon Musk himself) are doing very important things on their Twitter accounts, fake profiles with verified IDs would create truly alarming situations.

Advertisers are aware of these hypothetical events. In recent days, some companies have expressed concern about the future of Twitter; especially in relation to content moderation.

Elon Musk promotes what he understands as “freedom of expression”, and that could mean the social network's filters ignore posts previously deemed inappropriate. Of course, no company wants their ad to appear next to these types of posts.

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