Twitter: after the controversy, Elon Musk reconsiders this decision

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Earlier in the week, we revealed to you; that the future of Twitter was uncertain to say the least, especially in view of the rather worrying remarks made by the new owner of the social network >, Elon Musk, announcing that the company could risk bankruptcy. And more recently, it seems that the billionaire has backtracked on one of these last decisions, which had notably given rise to strong reactions on the platform.

Twitter: after the controversy, Elon Musk reconsiders this decision


“Twitter will do a lot of stupid things in the coming months”

The leader of SpaceX, Tesla, and now Twitter, continues to make headlines, and this less than a month later. s the formalization of the takeover of the social network by the billionaire. The latter had then announced; important changes, starting in particular by marketing the famous blue certification badge. Indeed, Musk had decided only to be able to obtain and use the certified blue badge; (or “blue check” in English), you should now subscribe to; Twitter Blue, the paid subscription of the platform which allows to have access to; some premium features.

This announcement then prompted many reactions on the social network, many users having expressed; their dissatisfaction with This measure. However, Musk had justified this decision by assuring that it was there; “the only way to defeat bots and trolls”. But it seems that the famed businessman’s flair failed him this time around, as the platform recently suspended the use of this feature.

Indeed, as reported by The Guardian, this Twitter service was unavailable since Friday, after the platform has just been flooded by a wave of fake Twitter-endorsed accounts. Many imposters would thus have used; the surname of several public figures, ranging from Pope Francis to George W. Bush, but also that of companies, like Nintendo. Of course, the billionaire's companies, SpaceX and Tesla, were also affected. the target.

Twitter: after the controversy, Elon Musk reconsiders this decision< /p>

À Originally, the blue certification badge was granted; to celebrities, companies or even journalists verified by the platform to avoid identity theft. But this action taken by Musk with Twitter Blue has shown that from now on, anyone could obtain this certification, as long as one has a telephone number and a credit card.

The platform seems to be looking for an alternative way to ensure authenticity. of certain important accounts, in particular with the use of so-called “official” “grey labels” that we have seen at; several times on Twitter. At the moment, we can see two categories of certification: those that took place before the decision taken by Musk, and the other concerns accounts subscribed to. Twitter Blue.

Earlier in the week, Musk made a point of; “Warning” Twitter users that the platform is likely to experience some ups and downs over the next few months, suggesting that the social network and its new owner will still be in the news soon.

Please note that Twitter will be doing a lot of stupid things in the coming months. come.

We'll keep what works and change what doesn't.

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