Twitch: this new dangerous and viral challenge seen on the platform

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Twitch: this new dangerous and viral challenge seen on the platform

This famous creator launched his challenge on Twitch. One of the participants has already been taken from worrying symptoms.

This time, it’s not on TikTok that a new viral challenge is causing a stir. It’s on the Twitch platformthat unpublished content, reproduced in mass, currently worries many Internet users. If the social network has imposed itself in the universe of gaming, the creators and creators have ended up multiplying and evolving their live to other areas. Creations of all kinds have thus emerged, sometimes challenging videographers. The personality behind this new event? The Trymacs gamer with more than 900,000 viewson some of his videos. With seven of his friends, he decided to embark on what he calls the “No Food Challenge“. Decryption of this practice, which has already put a young man in a dangerous situation.

The brief is clear: participants can drink water, consume vitamins and minerals, but must go without food for a full week. A challenge that they document on their respective Twitch channel. To add to the sensationalism of their ordeal, they submit themselves to particularly trying tests. Indeed, they must resist freshly cooked meals and packets of biscuits placed before their eyes. Note that the group of friends is followed by a nutritionist and a doctor. The latter take turns to ensure, 24/24 hours, the health of the participants. health checksdailies are thus shared. If a medical team watches over the grain, this did not prevent a participant from putting himself in danger.

A man in danger on Twitch due to the viral challenge of the moment

L&rsquo The man who worried those around him is known as Breitenberg. The symptoms that made the medical team react? Repeated vomiting and circulatory problems. Faced with such effects, the participant was forced to give up. He was accompanied by the nutritionist in order to gradually regain a normal diet. Once recovered, he did not hesitate to resume the game, but this time to taunt his acolytes. Several images even show him waving food under their noses. Six participants are still in the competition since March 11. The challenge should therefore end on Friday, March 17. Hopefully they don’t encourage other users to follow in their footsteps.