Twin-engine “Zaporozhets” – why did ZAZ need it

Twin-engine “Zaporozhets” – why did ZAZ need it

Twin-engine Zaporozhets — why did ZAZ need it

< p> The history of the first mass model of the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant began with this car. Development began in 1967 and went into production 20 years later.


Push or pull?

The first prototype in 1967 was very different from the Tavria, which was launched on the market two decades later. But work on the front rein began as soon as the ZAZ-966 Zaporozhets entered the conveyor.

And the first funny prototype was just such a Zaporozhets, but with two engines. There was still a non-serial 40-horsepower air-cooled engine at the back, and a completely new Melitopol 50-horsepower engine at the front. Turning on one or the second motor, the testers evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of front and rear drives. Moreover, the weight distribution along the axes was approximately the same.

Testers nicknamed the car “pull Рpush. Sometimes (jokingly) they turned on both engines at the same time to quickly overtake someone on the highway. The ultra-fast Zaporozhets made an amazing impression on those around.