Twilight 4 : 6 things you never knew (maybe) not on the film

Twilight 4 : 6 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur le film

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Twilight 4 : 6 things you never knew (maybe) not on the film

The adventures of Edward and Bella continue on W9. After the third part of the last week, the channel broadcasts today Twilight 4, the penultimate installment of the saga as worn by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But do you actually know the movie on the tip of your fingers ? Here are 6 things that you do not know can not be.

1. A sex scene not very pleasant for the players

In this fourth installment of Twilight, Edward and Bella will get married and (finally!) pass the act. If the first of the two characters is supposed to be very romantic, it has not really been the case for the two actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who were yet as a couple during the filming. In 2015, the actress had confided in on this scene in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK. “It was agony” had explained the pretty brunette. Nice…

2. The secrets of weight loss of Bella

In the movie, Bella becomes pregnant, and her child puts its life in danger, since it absorbs its energy. On screen, Kristen Stewart is so very emaciated, but he did not need to lose a single pound. As for Josh Hutcherson in Hunger Games 3, it is by special effects that has been used to simulate the weight loss of the actress. Scenes, which, however, were time-consuming to prepare, as it required 3 hours to apply the makeup necessary on the actress.

Twilight 4 : 6 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur le film

Twilight 4 : Bella emaciated in the movie

3. Robert Pattinson’t very good

Robert Pattinson has made some gaffes on the shooting. For the scenes of the honeymoon, where his character has to lead Bella on an island, the actor had to learn to drive a boat. Except that it wasn’t very good and caused several accidents during its course, and during the filming. It is better spent on the side of the Portuguese, of which he has had to learn a few phrases.

4. A shooting very long

The filming of Twilight 4 was long-winded. In fact, the last two films of the saga were shot together over a period of 6 months. It took 101 days of turning 3 months in which to put in box the first pane.

5. Here the currency

Twilight 4 was very expensive. The film’s budget is estimated at $ 127 million or approximately 3.5 times the budget of the first film of the saga. A increase that is certainly related in part to wages that are important that would have affected Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for the film. The two stars reportedly pocketed $ 25 million each for the final two phases. A budget, however, well pay for itself since the film has brought in more than $ 710 million at the global box office.

6. A cameo for Stephenie Meyer

Open your eyes at the time of the wedding scene and you’ll be able to spot Stephenie Meyer, the author of the saga, which will release in August the long awaited Midnight Sun, which tells the story of Twilight from the point of view of Edward. As in the first movie, she made a short cameo at the time where Bella is brought to the altar by her father. It is not the only one since the producers Wyck Godfrey and Bill Vannerman as well as screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg hide also among the guests.

Twilight 4 : 6 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur le film

Twilight 4 : Stephenie Meyer made an appearance at the wedding of Edward and Bella

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