TVORCHI: “Ukrainian show business requires several major changes”

TVORCHI: “Ukrainian show business requires several major changes”

Andrey Gutsulyak and Jeffrey Kenny were interviewed by Segodnya.Lifestyle

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Show business section editor

Quarantine is not a reason to refuse interviews, to which journalists are so accustomed. Of course, live communication with the artist cannot be replaced, but even without interesting conversations I don't want to leave readers. Now it remains to communicate only remotely – on live broadcasts in social networks or keep in touch through the PR-managers of the artists.

So it happened with the Ukrainian group TVORCHI , which, after a loud appearance at the National Selection for Eurovision 2020, fell in love with the Ukrainian public. Ukrainian Andriy Gutsulyak and Nigerian Jeffrey Kenny are two young pharmacists from Ternopil who once met on the street. Now they create together and call themselves “the creators of tomorrow's music.” And quarantine is not an obstacle to them – on May 7, the musicians presented a video work for the new spring single “Mova Tila”.



Today, Lifestyle contacted TVORCHI and the artists agreed to chat. The Instagram live option was dropped immediately, as Jeffrey speaks exclusively English. He, of course, understands a little Ukrainian, but it is still difficult for him to answer fans' questions in real time. Therefore, the musicians answered the prepared questions of the editorial board in printed format and told what they do in quarantine and what difficulties novice artists face in Ukrainian show business.

What are you doing in quarantine? What did you manage to do that your hands did not reach before?

Andrey : I work on a new album every day. We are preparing a lot of new material for him, and soon we will begin the process of selecting what will be included in our third disc.

Jeffrey : Every day I write lyrics, record vocals for tracks, play guitar, cook, meditate and read a little. I managed to do everything both before the quarantine and now. After all, sometimes it's about finding time, not having time.

The hardest part about self-isolation is …

Jeffrey : The hardest part is the isolation itself. It is quite obvious that many people cannot stand this kind of distancing from the pleasures they enjoyed before quarantine. Moreover, no one wants to miss the pleasures that come in spring. Everyone wants to visit friends, walk outside, throw parties. Hopefully this will all end soon.

Andrey : Impossibility to perform on stage.

The first thing you will do after the quarantine is over?

Jeffrey : I'll just keep on living! Just move forward and live.

Andrey : And I'll go to my favorite cafe or restaurant, have a good time there!


Musicians Andrey Gutsulyak and Jeffrey Kenny

After participating in the National Selection for Eurovision 2020, were you disappointed in the contests?

Andrey : The only disappointment was that we could not perform as planned. And this is simply due to the human factor – the mistakes of technical personnel.

Jeffrey : Of course I was very disappointed, because all the work that the team and I personally put into our performance was ruined. As an artist, I can say that we are all emotionally, physically and mentally invested in every performance. After that, I kept asking myself what I did wrong. However, later I realized that the National selection for Eurovision is not yet ready for big changes, by which I mean a foreigner representing the whole country in Europe.


TVORCHI at the National Selection for Eurovision-2020

Recall that after the final of the National Selection for Eurovision 2020, a scandal erupted – Jeffrey Kenny said that he heard only his own voice in the headphones. The singer even thought about stopping the performance due to sound problems, but decided not to disrupt the broadcast. The producer of the show, Ruslan Kvinta, said the opposite: the group had serviceable equipment, the guys simply did not have enough experience.

What difficulties do novice artists face in Ukrainian show business?

Andrey : For me, the biggest challenge is learning how to convey your music to a wide audience.

Jeffrey : I don't know what difficulties Ukrainian artists face, because I haven't worked here for too long. However, from my own experience, I can say that this particular industry is very specific and requires interesting content for the audience.

Ukrainian show business, in my opinion, requires several major changes: if we want progress, we must accept artists who may not be Ukrainian in appearance, but they are Ukrainian in their hearts. Music has no boundaries, and changes in it happen everywhere and constantly. This process will continue forever, so we must learn to adapt and accept new things.

What are your plans for 2020?

Jeffrey : We are planning to release an album – this is the most important plan that we are currently working on. At the moment, work is part of my personal life, so I enjoy this process.

Andrey : As for global plans, yes, this is the release of new material, new songs, videos. And it would also be cool to perform at large venues after the quarantine is over!

On May 7 you had the premiere of the video “Mova Tila”. Tell us about creating a new job.

Andrey : We filmed it last fall for three days! It was a very fun and interesting work with a young director Andrei Lagutin.

Jeffrey : After the song was released, fans kept asking for a video. So we found a very talented director and together we created a very cool spring video that will not leave you indifferent!

You record the third album at home, in self-isolation. How does this affect the creative process?

Jeffrey : Almost nothing influences my creative process. I usually like to be alone when I write and record songs. This is what gives me the opportunity to be dangerously creative, and I love a kind of “session” with myself, because it is very meditative, it is relaxing. Unless, of course, I have to sing the line 100 times.

I also enjoy studio sessions or “creative sessions” as I often call them. Therefore, on the contrary, I will say that my creative ideas at this time are extremely intensified, and I want to use this moment, until the quarantine expires and friends again start calling somewhere all the time.

Andrey : As for the recording of the album, it can be partly difficult. It would be cool if we worked with Jeffrey together live. But we are doing it! And this is even a new challenge for us – to create our music remotely.



Have you always dreamed of becoming a musician or have you thought about other professions? What would you do if not for music and pharmaceuticals?

Andrey : Once upon a time I wanted to become an actor and a pilot. But he always dreamed of becoming a musician. I remember when I was little I saw myself on a big stage, in front of large-scale audiences.

Jeffrey : When I was a kid, I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. I traveled a lot, studied a lot of information about airplanes, and I really loved it! But sometimes dreams do not come true, because this is life. Then you need to look for a new dream. It happened to me too – I realized that I really like to sing and paint. However, many still do not perceive creativity as a “profitable career”, so I did it as a hobby, and thanks to my parents I chose medicine as something more serious. But, thank God, life has led me to music, from which I am incredibly happy!

Describe in one word: music for me is …

Andrey : Love.

Jeffrey : Life.

A joint photo from the recording studio with Tina Karol appeared on your Instagram page. Should we expect a collaboration?


Andrey : It is still a secret, but we can already assure you that you will like it.

Jeffrey : As soon as the details are known, you will be the first to know.

Are there many hats in your life? How do you perceive it, does criticism motivate or vice versa?

Jeffrey : I'm a very calm person, so I don't really feel a direct hate if we're talking about my character. However, if we are on the subject of skin color, unfortunately there are some disappointing stories here. Probably, such hatred towards anyone will exist as long as you look different, or do something different, or try to make major changes or break down barriers. And sometimes people judge my work or character simply by my skin color.

It doesn't bother me, it's a natural human emotion, and it won't change from my attitude. And regardless of her, I'm still going to do or say what I want. I just think that people should break stereotypes, and vice versa, communicate with those who are not like them.


Ukrainian group TVORCHI

Andrey: After the video clip was released on the track # don't_dance, I noticed several racist comments in our accounts. But, thank God, we rarely encounter this and try to educate our audience about tolerance.

Which celebrity would you like to collaborate with?

Andrey : It would be interesting to work with Pharrell Williams – it's just a wow dream! I would also love to create collaborations with Diplo, Skrillex, Calvin Harris and of course Dua Lipa.

Jeffrey : Honestly, if I had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone, I would choose the world famous Swedish sound producer and songwriter Max Martin. He wrote and co-wrote tracks for Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Adele, Britney Spears, Elle Goulding and other artists. He creates very popular pop songs, real hits that are at the top of the Billboard charts.

What is the most important thing in life for you?

Jeffrey : It's family and my focus on what makes me and the people around me happy.

Andrey : The greatest value for me is my close people.

Have you ever had moments in your life that can be called a “gift of fate” or a sign from above?

Andrey : The most amazing thing that could have happened is definitely our acquaintance! And everything else that happened later is just like some kind of magic.

Jeffrey : Actually, I wouldn't say that I had a lot of moments that I called “a gift from fate.” However, the meeting with Andrey was definitely fateful! We both learned a lot, did a lot and met many people on our common path, and I am very grateful for that.

Where do you get the inspiration to create your images?

Jeffrey : Sometimes we involve stylists in our videos and performances. And in everyday life, my images are completely natural. I think that here I am like my dad. I will never leave the house in something that I do not like, even if I am going to throw out the trash. I love to dress for myself, why not?



Everyone says that over the past couple of months the world has changed, and as it was – it will definitely not be. How will this reflect on the music market and on your band?

Andrey : The music industry, like all businesses in other areas, has lost a lot of profits due to quarantine. How will it be in the future? We hope that the world will cope and we will move forward. We are looking forward to the restoration of festivals and concerts.

Have eminent producers approached you with proposals to work together? Would you like to work with a producer in the future?

Andrey : No, we are not interested in working with producers. We want to work with our dream team, develop together and move forward.

TVORCHI is currently working on its third album, which is being recorded remotely. Each of the musicians records their parts at home: for the first time in their musical careers, Andrei and Jeffrey deliberately abandoned studio conditions in order to comply with the isolation regime.

TVORCHI recently dedicated an unusual jingle to the pandemic.

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