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TV remote control, protractor and even a sound camera: how else can you use an ordinary smartphone

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

TV remote control, protractor and even a sound camera: how else can you use an ordinary smartphone

Modern smartphones &ndash ; it is much more than just mobile phones. Thanks to powerful processors, numerous sensors and additional functions, they can be used in the most unexpected ways. Here are some life hacks that will help you expand the capabilities of your smartphone.

Power bank. Most smartphones support the function of reversible wireless charging. This allows you to use your gadget as a power bank for other devices – headphones, fitness trackers or even another smartphone. Just activate the appropriate mode in the settings.

IR remote control. Thanks to the built-in IR port, the smartphone can be turned into a universal remote control for controlling a TV, air conditioner, projector and other household appliances. Just install the appropriate application.

Protractor and ruler. Your smartphone can come in handy for measuring and drawing without additional tools. Google Play and the App Store have applications that turn the gadget into a protractor, ruler, level, etc., using built-in sensors.

Thermo mode. Using the Thermal Camera application, any modern smartphone with IR sensor support turns into a thermal imager, allowing you to see the temperature of surrounding objects.

Sound camera. Special applications can use smartphone microphones to map invisible obstacles by analyzing sound echoes.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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