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Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro: a high-performance and innovative high-end keyboard

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun17,2024

If you are a demanding gamer and are looking for a high-performance gaming keyboard, you should know that the Turtle Beach brand recently launched the Vulcan II TKL Pro, a responsive model that will provide you with good comfort and very good performance thanks to its many embedded technologies.

Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro: a high-end, high-performance and innovative keyboard

Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro: a keyboard that will delight demanding gamers

The Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Prois not just a simple gaming keyboard, it also has a nice design and its brushed aluminum finish. also gives it a modern and robust appearance. What we like is without thinking its pure look. and minimalist. However, customization is required since it has a full RGB backlighting system. You will therefore be able to create a specific atmosphere on your desk with the possibility of changing it. to choose between colors and animation according to your tastes. In addition, the included wrist rest and the adjustable feet ensure optimal comfort.

Concerning the technical specifications, the Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro is equipped with from switches to magnetic Hall effect guaranteeing a very fluid and linear strike with the possibility to individually adjust the activation distance of each key. Thepossibility being able to customize activation is pure joyfor picky players.

Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro: a high-end, high-performance and innovative keyboard

As a reminder, the switches Magnetic Hall effect keyboards are a true innovation in the field of mechanical keyboards. They do not work through physical contact. Each key has a built-in magnet creating a magnetic field when it approaches the sensor. By measuring the tension that is exerted, the keyboard can determine the exact position of the key as well as the moment of its activation. The advantages of this technology are numerous:

  • No delay between successive activations of a key
  • Less rapid wear, because less mechanical movement between the parts
  • Adjusting the distance to which key is considered activated
  • Ultra-fast switch reset

For connectivity, the Vulcan II TKL Pro works with a USB-C interface for compatibility with a large number of devices. Moreover, the cord is of quality since it is braided and in addition it is of good length.

The Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro is already available and it is likely to make more than one crack. Between its look, its advanced customization and its performance, this model is just excellent! Don't wait any longer to order it if you want to enjoy a high-end gaming keyboard.

And to complete your setup, know that the brand has also released an ultra-light mouse! This is the Burst Air II.

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