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Turning your phone into an “eternal” one: 6 useful tips for your gadget

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun16,2024

Turning your phone into an "eternal": 6 useful tips for your gadget

Mobile phones eventually start to slow down, break down or simply don't work as well as before. However, gadget owners should know what are the rules that help prolong the life of the phone as long as possible.

There are six useful tips that should be followed when using the device. Kanebridge News writes about this.

Some of these things smartphone owners may not pay attention to at all.

Checking for updates. Your phone stores information about all aspects of your life. Without security updates, everything is at risk. Apple offers software updates for at least five years, and security updates — for a longer period. Google Pixel eight will receive updates this year until 2030. Samsung promises security updates for at least four years.

Screen protection. Buying a case and screen protector is one of the most important steps you can take to extend the life of your phone.

Cleaning the port. It is necessary to carefully insert the straightened paperclip from the sides and check that it is not filled with lint and random dust. This is also important because the port can become clogged and cause charging problems.

Battery Status. You can check the battery status in the settings menu on Apple or Android phones. If your iPhone's “Battery Status” says that your battery's “Max Capacity” is 80% or less, it may be time to replace it.

The right repair.&nbsp ;If you need to replace the battery or screen, don't overpay for the repair. There's a tool on Apple's website that will quickly estimate the cost of a routine repair for your phone. For example, after an iPhone battery is replaced by a non-Apple repairer, your phone may send a warning that it “couldn't verify” whether it has a “genuine Apple battery”.

Settings. When a phone manufacturer declares it obsolete and stops sending software and security updates, start with a factory reset and update your OS as often as possible.

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