Turn into trash: cars that rust before our eyes are named

Turn into trash: cars that rust before our eyes are named

Any products made of metal, after a while, can upset their owner with the appearance of rust. And despite the fact that automakers always pay attention to anti-corrosion treatment of the body, cars have not bypassed such a problem either. />

The situation is aggravated by the fact that vehicles are often not operated only in conditions of high humidity, but also on winter roads, abundantly treated with reagents.

In addition, anti-corrosion protection is of different quality – some automakers save on coating. Thus, some car models retain their original appearance for quite a long time, while others create a headache for their owners after two or three years or earlier.

Daily-Motor experts have compiled a rating of cars that rust especially quickly, and to this end, they conducted a survey of bodyshop workers.

1. UAZ “Patriot”

The Russian UAZ “Patriot” turned out to be the car with the most vulnerable body to corrosion. According to experts, “Patriots”, released before 2018, could rust almost anywhere.

Motorists also confirm this information, saying that rust appears even where it was least expected to be seen. For example, from self-tapping screws, with which false threshold plates are attached, rust moves to the bottom. Still, the newer Patriots are faring much better thanks to American paint technology and PPG's new cataphoretic primer.

2. Lifan X60

The second place in the anti-rating was taken by the Chinese crossover Lifan X60. At one time, the car was one of the most popular SUVs on the market – this was facilitated by the official multi-year manufacturer's warranty, good equipment for its class, a spacious trunk and other features of the model.

But it was not without a significant drawback, because of which the Lifan X60 was on this list. Its body is not galvanized, the manufacturer also saved on anticorrosive and painting.

New machines delivered from the factory initially had a paintwork thickness of no more than 60 microns. The exception was the doors, in which the coating thickness reached 80 microns.

As a result, the owners of such a car already after a year and a half found the first rust on it, which could be seen under the door handles and on the lower edge of the trunk lid, and a little later, corrosion began to make itself felt on the thresholds.

3. Daewoo Nexia

In third place was Daewoo Nexia, produced from 1996 to 2016. After a couple of restylings, the anti-corrosion protection of the car body was significantly improved, but before that, according to experts, the cars were very rusty.

Daewoo Nexia had problems two or three years after the start of operation, and if the owner did not take measures to additional anti-corrosion protection of particularly vulnerable places, then it came to through corrosion. This is especially true of the lower part of the doors and rear arches. There were also cases of falling thresholds.

What other cars rust quickly

In addition to the trio of cars considered, there are others that have poor body resistance to corrosion. For example, SUV Lada 4х4. This car has been on the assembly line for over 40 years. It has a lot of its strengths, but rust begins to appear on the body even before leaving the assembly line.

Shock absorber struts, rear trunk lid and sills are especially vulnerable to rust. The quality of the paintwork and anti-corrosion treatment of the Lada 4×4, according to experts, is simply not good.

In this regard, we can also mention the popular crossover Renault Duster, which impresses with its powerful appearance and has a harsh , but with a reliable suspension, it is able to upset the motorist with rust on the trunk lid under the plastic lining and inside the thresholds.

In addition, it is very likely that even chips on the rear fenders may appear. The remaining elements of the body are more resistant to corrosion.