Türkiye: American caver rescued after nine days in a sinkhole

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happy end Having fallen ill and trapped at a depth of 1,000 meters, Mark Dickey was pulled out by rescuers this Monday

Turkey: The American speleologist rescued after nine days in a sinkhole

Trapped in a sinkhole in Turkey, American caver Mark Dickey was successfully rescued on September 11, 2023. — AFP

The story ends well. The American speleologist fell sick on September 2 at the bottom of an abyss in southern Turkey was discovered. rescued Monday, announced The Turkish Caving Federation.

“Mark Dickey was a member “The rescue operation was successfully completed,” she said, adding that “the rescue operation was successfully completed.” The 40-year-old speleologist was suffered an abdominal hemorrhage while exploring the Morca cave system near Mersin with an international team.