Turkish authorities detained a woman suspected of the terrorist attack in Istanbul

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The Interior Minister pointed out that the person is part of the PKK armed group, considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union. The explosion in the Turkish capital left at least six dead and 81 injured

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Turkish authorities detained a woman suspected of the terrorist attack in Istanbul

Several ambulances gather at the scene of an explosion on the busy Istiklal pedestrian street in central Istanbul, Turkey. November 13, 2022. REUTERS/Kemal Aslan

Turkish authorities announced early Monday morning that they arrested the woman suspected of having carried out the suicide attack on Istanbul's busy Istiklal avenue< /b>, which left six dead and blamed the attack on the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)

Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu told the media that the person who allegedly left the A bomb that caused an explosion that left at least six people dead and 81 injured was detained by the Istanbul Police Department.

“The person who threw the bomb has been detained. The terrorist organization PKK/PYDis within the framework of our findings. In the near future, we will show them a reward in which those who caused us this pain can experience more and more pain,” Soylu said in a statement reported by the TRT television channel.

< p class="paragraph">The PKK is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Uniona, and has waged an armed struggle against the Turkish government since the 1980s.

Explosion in Istanbul 1

Ankara has pointed it out in the past as responsible for bloody attacks on Turkish territory.

The leader of the ministerial portfolio linked the attacker with the armed group through this message PKK, whom he pointed out as ultimately responsible for the incident.

“The face of terror is bitter, but we will continue this fight to the end no matter the cost. Especially the insincerity of our so-called allies, who hide all the terrorists who appear to be our friends in their own country, or bring terrorists to life in the areas they occupy, in the areas they rule, and send them money from their own senates. , it is obviously insincere”, lamented Soylu.

The suicide attack carried out this Sunday on Istiklal Avenue caused the death of six people, while 81 were injured, two of them being in a state of serious.

Istiklal Avenue had already been the scene of attacks in the past, especially during the years 2015-2016, when Istanbul and other cities such as Ankara, the capital, suffered a series of attacks.

These attacks, claimed by the Islamic State terror group, killed nearly 500 people and injured more than 2,000..

Istanbul explosion 3

Police cordoned off the place for fear of a second explosion. An impressive deployment of security forces also blocked access to the neighborhood and surrounding streets.

“I was about 50-55 meters away, suddenly there was an explosion noise. I saw three or four people on the ground,” a witness, Cemal Denizci, 57, told AFP .

“People were running prey to the panic. The noise was enormous. There was black smoke. The noise was so loud, almost deafening,” he reported.

The explosion, which caused flames, was heard from afar and triggered a panic movement, according to images posted on social media.

The images show a large black crater and several bodies lying on the ground.

In the neighboring neighborhood of Galata, many shops decided to close and some Bystanders, who came running from the site of the explosion, had tears in their eyes, according to an AFP journalist.

Istanbul explosion 2

< b>Forbidden to spread images</b>

The Higher Council of Broadcasting and Television (RTÜK) quickly prohibited the media from broadcasting images of the attack to “avoid spreading fear, panic and agitation in society and serve the objectives of terrorist organizations”.

Access to social media was also restricted after the attack, according to Netblocks, an organization that monitors internet access.

Istiklal Avenue, 1.4 km and which means “Independence”, is located in the historic district of Beyoglu. It is one of the most famous pedestrian streets in the city, where both locals and tourists come.

This Sunday's attack, which occurs seven months before crucial presidential and legislative elections , generated a wave of condemnation and expressions of solidarity.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Turkey at this difficult time,” said the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

The Secretary General of NATO, of which Turkey is a member, expressed his “solidarity with our ally”, like Sweden, a candidate to join the Atlantic Alliance, and the White House in Washington.

In Greece, a country with Turkey maintains tense relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “unequivocally condemned terrorism and expressed sincere condolences to the Turkish government and people.”

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