Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Turkey plans to build 300 new fighters

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

Turkey plans to build 300 new fighters

General Director of the Turkish company Turkish Aerospace Industries, Mehmet Demiroglu, spoke about the ambitious plans for the KAAN fighter, which in Turkey is classified as the fifth generation.

According to Demiroglu's forecasts, orders for these machines should reach several hundred units. He told about this in an interview with gdh TV, writes DEFENSE EXPRESS. Yes, Demiroglu says that according to preliminary data, more than 100 KAAN aircraft will eventually be built for the Turkish Air Force. And Turkish Aerospace Industries is counting on foreign orders as well.

“Furthermore, we aim to supply at least the same number, if not more, to our friendly and allied countries, roughly around 150 units,” — remarked the general director of TAI.

Thus, in the end, the company expects to receive an order for about 250-300 fighters, concludes Demiroglu. Of course, these are still preliminary plans.