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Turkey launches the ÇAKIR missile from Roketsan into series: features of the weapon (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

Turkey launches ÇAKIR missile from Roketsan: features of the weapon (video)

The missile carries a 70-kilogram thermobaric warhead and is equipped with an advanced guidance system. This ensures high accuracy and effectiveness of the ÇAKIR attack when attacking a wide range of targets.

The Turkish defense company Roketsan has started mass production of the ÇAKIR cruise missile. This event marks an important milestone in the development of Turkey's defense industry, following the successful missile tests conducted in 2022. This was reported by the Spanish newspaper Defensa on July 9.

After successful test launches, Roketsan is ready to present and sell the missile to potential customers, both domestic and international.

ÇAKIR is a cruise missile with a compact and optimized design. The weight of the rocket is 270 kg, the length — 3.3 m, and the diameter of the fuselage — only 27 cm. The missile is equipped with a KTJ-1750 turbine developed by the Turkish company Kale Arge, which allows it to hit targets at a distance of more than 150 kilometers. An effective air extraction system located in the lower part of the rocket contributes to its high flight range.

One of the key features of ÇAKIR is its modular approach, which enables the missile to be launched from a variety of platforms, including land-based installations, ships, aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. This greatly expands its versatility and makes it applicable in various combat scenarios.

As for the destructive power, it is emphasized that ÇAKIR is equipped with a powerful 70-kilogram thermobaric charge and an advanced guidance system that combines infrared imaging and radio frequencies. This ensures high accuracy and effectiveness of the missile when hitting a wide range of targets, including infrastructure objects and fortifications in difficult terrain such as caves.

Another important characteristic of the missile is the fuselage made of materials, that absorb radar beams, which makes it difficult to detect. The missile is also equipped with guidance systems that can acquire additional data in flight, providing excellent performance in adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the missile uses jamming-resistant GNSS technology, as well as radar and barometric altimeters for accurate navigation.

According to military experts, the ÇAKIR cruise missile is able to significantly change the operational capabilities of modern armed forces, offering effective solutions for long-range and high-precision missions.

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