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Turkey has started serial production of its own Altay tank

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Turkey started serial production of its own of the Altay tank

In Turkey, serial production of its own national Altay tank with improved characteristics in accordance with the requirements of modern combat began.

The head of the directorate of defense industry Halyuk Gyorgyun informed about this to TRT Haber, Ukrinform reports.

“We are expanding the production of vehicles and armored vehicles. As you know, we have started serial production of our national Altay tank, said the head of the directorate.

Turkey started serial production of its own Altay tank

He also noted that the Altay tank has been restored in accordance with the conditions of the combat environment.

“In this context, the use of digital technologies has increased in Altay. Thus, the tank can be more accurately and quickly used to detect enemy elements, identify targets and conduct fire,” Gyorgyun noted.

The new fire control system of the Altay tank includes modern technologies such as laser range finder (LRF) and more sensitive image stabilization system. Thus, the tank can detect targets at long distances and accurately hit all targets on the battlefield with a high accuracy rate.

The Altay tank has an increased level of armor protection, higher mobility, and an improved fire control system.

According to Gjorgun, negotiations are ongoing with countries that have already expressed a desire to cooperate with Turkey in this project.

As reported by Ukrinform, Turkey will start using serial prototypes and versions of the unmanned aerial vehicle within one to two months. fighter jet Kızılelma, and in the coming years they plan to start mass production.

Natasha Kumar

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