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Turkey has confirmed the signing of agreements with the US on the purchase of the latest F-16s

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Turkey confirmed the signing of agreements with the United States on the purchase of the latest F-16

Approval of the agreement by the White House dragged on for four years. The amount of the agreement — more than 23 billion dollars.

Turkey's Ministry of Defense confirmed the signing of agreements with the United States on the purchase of 40 of the latest F-16 fighter jets. Earlier this was announced by the US State Department. The agreement became possible after official Ankara supported the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. This reports Hürriyet with reference to a source in the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

“Agreements have been signed, work on their details continues during negotiations between the delegations of the two countries,” — Turkish media reports.

On June 6, the US State Department announced that the Turkish authorities had signed a letter of offer sent by Washington for the purchase of F-16 fighters in the latest Block-70/72 modification. As well as upgrade kits for Turkey's existing F-16 aircraft.

“The United States is proud to announce today a major step forward in Turkey's purchase of new F-16 Block 70 fighter jets – the most advanced ever created F -16, available only to the closest allies and partners”, — the Bureau of Military-Political Affairs of the State Department reported.

It was noted there that the conclusion of this agreement took “some time”. Turkey, a U.S. NATO ally, has long wanted to upgrade its aircraft fleet and requested the latest fighter jets after Washington pulled it out of the F-35 fighter jet supply program. The White House made this decision because of Ankara's purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile complex (the US demanded to give up Russian systems in favor of the Patriot).

In the end, the White House approved the sale of the F-16 only in January 2024 after Ankara supported Finland and Sweden joining NATO, which required a unanimous decision of the alliance countries. Ankara will also purchase 79 sets of equipment needed to modernize and extend the service life of the F-16C/D Block-40/50+ aircraft that Turkey already has.

What is the F-16 Block-70 fighter jet/72

Such fighters are created in single-seat (F-16C) and two-seat (F-16D) versions.

The latest version of the Fighting Falcon (the official name of the fighter) received the newest airborne radar station APG- 83 (SABR), an on-board EW complex, Link 16 standard data transmission equipment, and much more.

Link 16 equipment allows you to exchange information with the Patriot air defense system in real time.

The Block 70/72 differs from the previous versions of the F-16 by a modernized cockpit with a high-resolution main display, an expanded set of weapons and the presence of conformal fuel tanks. These tanks seem to “flow” around the contours of the plane without disturbing the aerodynamics.

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