Turechchyna knew water pipelines for 2.5 thousand years

Turechchyna knew water pipelines for 2.5 thousand years

Turechchyna has known water pipelines for 2.5 thousand years

Photo: TRT HaberWater near Turechchyna

The length of the water supply, which was revealed during the excavations, is about ten meters. Water was flowing into the new place, it was impossible to find it.

In Turkey, during the excavations of the ancient Daskileon place, a water pipeline was discovered for about 2.5 thousand years. Let me tell you about it TRT Haber. “Tovsti trumpets from scorched clay, as we have shown the hour of excavation, can be seen until the fourth century BC… It is arguable, insanely, to establish a system of water infrastructure and is recognized for the provision of drinking water. In that period, the virvi were lined with terracotta, and the transitions were creaked with a breath of roses”, – said the excavation worker, professor Kaan Iren, chairperson of the Department of Archeology of Mugli University.

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It is significant that the manifestations of a water pipeline are about ten meters long, entering the place through a small pool. Behind the boules of Lake Manyas, the place of which has not yet been identified.

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