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Freezing of tuition fees in Ontario: Doug Ford says no

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The expert panel commissioned by the provincial government made recommendations to ensure that Ontario's publicly funded universities and colleges are sustainable in the long term. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

Ontario Premier Doug Ford does not want to increase tuition fees at post-secondary institutions, despite the financial difficulties of colleges and universities and the recommendations of a group of #x27;experts.

In 2019, the Ford government reduced tuition fees by 10% for Canadian students and kept them at that level since.

An advisory committee mandated by the government recommended the thawing of tuition fees (New window), accompanied by an improvement in financial aid to students and an increase in operating subsidies to establishments.

But Ford said Wednesday that now is not the time to dip into the pockets of these students, especially those who are really in trouble.

His government has so far not officially reacted to the advisory committee's recommendations, other than to say that it will work with establishments to find efficiency gains.

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