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TSMC will spend $4 billion on EUV machines for the 2nm process

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

TSMC to spend $4 billion on EUV machines for 2nm process

TSMC is preparing for mass production on its advanced 2nm process, which is expected to begin in 2025.

The most important element of preparation is the purchase of equipment for EUV-lithography. Over the next two years, TSMC will receive more than 60 EUV machines worth more than NT$400 billion (about US$4 billion).

As TSMC expands its production capacity, ASML, a major supplier of EUV machines , intends to increase supply by more than 30% by 2025.

Industry insiders report that there are delays in the supply of EUV machines, with order fulfillment times reaching 16-20 months. Therefore, most of the orders placed in 2024 will not be fulfilled until next year. TSMC is expected to receive 30 EUV machines this year and 35 next year.

And to meet the growing demand, ASML has planned an increase in production capacity, intending to deliver 53 machines this year in total and at least 72 in to the next By 2025, ASML plans to produce 90 EUV, 600 DUV and 20 High-NA EUV machines.

Natasha Kumar

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