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Sg lE TSG Hoffenheim 2: 2: next setback! 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TSG Hoffenheim 2: 2: next setback! Disappointing BVB also stumbles against Hoffenheim

TSG Hoffenheim 2: 2: next setback!  Disappointing BVB also stumbles against Hoffenheim

Borussia Dortmund suffered the next setback in the battle for the Champions League starting places on the 21st Bundesliga matchday. Against TSG Hoffenheim, the team of coach Edin Terzic did not get more than 2: 2 (1: 1).

This means that Dortmund is still sixth in the table, but the gap to fourth place could increase to seven points if VfL Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt win on Sunday.

14 points from the first ten games mean for Terzic the weakest record of a Dortmund coach since Bert van Maarwijk in the 2004/05 season (eleven points at the time). “We’re on the mend, we want to play a more aggressive style – but that doesn’t happen overnight,” said Mats Hummels after the game. “I am 100 percent sure that we will see that on the pitch this season. With no coach in the world everything is as it should be after two weeks.”

“We tried to change a few things so that it didn’t work at the push of a button, as we have already said,” explained Terzic. “We will hold on to it and continue. We will never give up, but of course everything is much easier with a positive result at the weekend.”

Jadon Sancho had put Dortmund in the lead (24th), before Munas Dabbur (31st) and Ihlas Bebou (51st) turned the game. Erling Haaland got the late equalizer in the 81st. “It’s not basketball here where 50 baskets are dropped. Few goals decided the game. We fought, but didn’t play really well,” said Hummels.  The  fact that captain Marco Reus first took a seat on the bench was no problem for him: “I spoke to the coach before the game and we have an English week ahead of us, so everything is fine.”

Hoffenheim have now been without a win for three Bundesliga games and are in eleventh place.  The  lead on the relegation place is (in two games more than Arminia Bielefeld) six points.

BVB – TSG Hoffenheim:

 The  coach voices

Edin Terzic (coach Borussia Dortmund): “Of course we’re not happy that we didn’t win at home. We got into the game properly, had good chances at 1-0. We then allowed too many counterattacks, but came back with the 2-2. We will continue to work hard.

 The  number of individual defensive mistakes is very high. It is not easy to be completely stable. ”

Sebastian Hoeneß (coach TSG Hoffenheim): “I think we saw an intense and emotional game. We immediately documented what we were planning to do here: attack the Dortmund chain. Of course, BVB also has its own individual class. After falling behind we became even clearer. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to defend the lead against the oncoming opponents. That was bitter. ”

Borussia Dortmund – TSG Hoffenheim:  The  individual reviews of the BVB players


On the 20th Bundesliga matchday, Borussia Dortmund won’t get past a 2-2 (1-1) draw against TSG Hoffenheim. Bürki representative Marwin Hitz in particular had a pitch-black day.

 The  BVB individual reviews.


MARWIN HITZ: I was lucky with an early uncertainty that Baumgartner didn’t lift it precisely enough (13th). Left alone by his defense when he conceded the first goal.

 The  second is probably on his head. Rating: 5.0.

© imago images / Poolfoto


EMRE CAN: Helped out on the right defensive side, but had a lot of trouble there. Was too late in the 1-1 draw with Dabbur. Even on the offensive without the necessary oomph, his flanks did not arrive at all. Grade: 4.


MANUEL AKANJI: Bad mistake against Bebou, which he ironed out again in conjunction with Hitz. Remained a constant source of uncertainty. Grade: 4.5.

© imago images / Poolfoto



 The  agile Bebou made it look several times old. Dortmund’s defense chief struggled to calm down on the defensive throughout the game. With the most passes, but also the most ball losses. Grade: 4.5.



 The  few brilliant BVB moments come from the left-back. Dream pass to Haaland (10th), dream pass to Sancho before 1-0 (24th). Again with the most important parts of the game. Later drove Borussia from midfield. Grade: 3.5.


JUDE BELLINGHAM (up to 71st): Very hard, but always too indecisive in the decisive moments. Damaged a promising counterattack, in return it fell 1: 1. Grade: 4.5.


THOMAS DELANEY (up to 59): Has been praised as a tireless fighter for weeks. But that does not hide the fact that Dortmund’s long-runner does not get the middle. Had the Hoffenheim team far too often in the penalty area. Grade: 4.5.



 The  nightly jogging session doesn’t seem to hurt him. Stayed cool in the one-on-one duel like in the best of times and scored his fourth goal of the season. Grade: 3.0.


JULIAN BRANDT (up to 59th): Again fell far short of expectations. Significant: shortly before half-time, he slowed down a counterattack when he again threw in a pirouette instead of playing the ball directly. Rating: 5.0.


GIOVANNI REYNA (until 59): Because captain Reus has been looking for his form for weeks, the youngster should drive the BVB game. But he didn’t succeed. Often the brilliant ideas were missing. Grade 5.0.


ERLING HAALAND: Awarded a huge chance after 10 minutes, as often, in a duel with Hoffenheim’s keeper. Only got a few good face-offs and was often unfair to stop. He was rewarded for his patience shortly before the end with the 2-2. Grade: 3.5.

© imago images / Poolfoto


YOUSSOUFA MOUKOKO (from 59.): Great willingness to run, a lot of fighting spirit, no income. Grade: 4.0.

© imago images / Poolfoto


MARCO REUS (from 59.): Probably came into play with anger in his stomach, but Reus is currently no help as a joker either. Tried in vain to give structure to the Dortmund game. Grade: 4.

© imago images / Poolfoto


MO DAHOUD (from 59th): Didn’t do much better than Delaney either. Dahoud failed to fill the huge gaps in midfield. But offensively with a little more drive. Grade: 4.0.

© imago images / Poolfoto


NICO SCHULZ (from 71): Couldn’t put himself in the limelight anymore. No grading.

BVB – TSG Hoffenheim:

 The  analysis

Terzic changed his starting XI in one position after the disappointing 2-1 defeat in Freiburg, with Bellingham replacing captain Reus. His team started dominantly and determined, especially on the left side with Guerreiro and Sancho ran many attacks. Together, the duo also took the lead they deserved at the time (24th).

Despite the field inferiority, Hoffenheim had good chances through quick counterattacks and favored by some blatant blunders from the Dortmund back team (Hummels, Akanji, Delaney). Bebou, who started together with Dabbur and instead of the last used duo Kramaric (injured) and Belfodil (bank), awarded twice in front of Hitz (18th and 24th).

After Dabbur’s 1-1 draw (31st), Hoffenheim gained significantly more possession than in the initial phase, while Dortmund was becoming more and more innocent and harmless.

 The  number of penalty area scenes decreased on both sides, there was not a single conclusion between the equalizer and the break whistle. That changed immediately after the break, when Dortmund’s weakness after corner kicks showed again: Hitz steered a cross to Bebou, from whom the ball jumped into the goal to make it 2-1.

Terzic reacted and brought new offensive forces with Dahoud, Reus and Moukoko half an hour before the end, but initially did not liven up the game. Haaland’s equalization in the 81st was not really foreseeable – and sparked anger among the opponents. Although Dabbur was battered on the lawn in advance, the ball was not played out.

BVB – TSG Hoffenheim:

 The  lineups

Dortmund: Hitz – Can, Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro – Delaney (59th Dahoud), Bellingham (71st Schulz) – Brandt (60th Moukoko), Reyna (59th Giant), Sancho – Haaland. – Coach: Terzic

Hoffenheim: Baumann – Posch, Grillitsch, Vogt – Kaderabek (64th Gacinovic), Rudy, Samassekou, John – Baumgartner – Bebou, Dabbur (88th Skov). – Trainer: Hoeneß

 The  data of the game BVB against TSG Hoffenheim

    Tore: 1: 0 Sancho (24.), 1: 1 Dabbur (31.), 1: 2 Bebou (51.), 2: 2 Haaland (81.)
    Hoffenheim’s Vogt saw his fifth yellow card and will be absent from the next game.
    With four points from four games, Dortmund had the weakest start to the second half since the 2008/09 season under Jürgen Klopp (three points at the time).

 The  star of the game: Ihlas Bebou (TSG Hoffenheim)

Missed two big chances before Hitz forced him to score. Bebou was a constant source of danger on the front line, fired the most shots on goal of all players and also played the most tackles and air battles.

 The  flop of the game: Julian Brandt (BVB)

As a right winger, Brandt disappointed once again. He was not involved in a single shot on goal and at the time of his substitution in the 60th recorded the second fewest ball contacts after Haaland. His pass and duel rates were among the worst in Dortmund.


TSG Hoffenheim 2: 2: next setback!  Disappointing BVB also stumbles against Hoffenheim

 The  referee: Bastian Dankert

In the run-up to the 1-1 draw at Hoffenheim, Dankert overlooked Vogt’s foul on Haaland on the other side of the field. His supposed goal to 2: 2 (58th) rightly did not count because of an offside position.

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