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Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley delivered a speech at a January 24 rally in South Carolina.

Agence France-Presse

Donald Trump wants to win the Republican nomination for the presidential election by “intimidating” his party, said Sunday his only rival, Nikki Haley, who accused the leaders of the Republican apparatus of wanting to nominate him too early .

The candidate decided to remain in the running after her defeats in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, despite the insistence of Donald Trump, supported by party leaders, to declare the race ended in his favor.

He cannot impose himself through intimidation for the nomination as Republican candidate for the x27;November's election against incumbent President Joe Biden, Nikki Haley told NBC's Meet The Press.

You cannot do that after only two states out of the fifty that must decide, added the former American ambassador to the UN – appointed at the time by Donald Trump – and former governor of South Carolina.

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Nikki Haley criticized the Republican Party National Committee (RNC), which organizes the Republican primaries, for showing too much support early to the former president of the United States, very widely favorite after his two victories.

Tuesday, when the results were announced in New Hampshire, party leader Ronna McDaniel assured that the voters' choice was very clear.

We must rally around who will be our candidate and it will be Donald Trump.

A quote from Ronna McDaniel, party leader, after New Hampshire primary results

I don't think that's the position the RNC should take… Trump went too far when he pushed them to do this, assured Nikki Haley.

The candidate suggested that she plans to stay in the race at least until Super Tuesday on March 5, a crucial meeting where voters in 16 US states and territories will decide. The next Republican primary will take place on February 24 in South Carolina.

Here again, the polls give Nikki Haley well beaten, but for the most part former governor, a defeat in her state would not remove her from the race. She said she just had to do better than in New Hampshire, where she lost by 11 points.

She also refuted that she wants to stay in the race in the hope that Donald Trump's numerous legal troubles – or his state of health, at 77 years old – will open up a space for her.

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