Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests to “Take Back the Nation”

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Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests to

The drumbeat of a possible indictment of former US President Donald Trump over payments he made to porn star Stormy Daniels, they have been ringing since eight days ago it was learned that the Manhattan district attorney had invited him to testify before the grand jury that was studying the evidence in the case. This Saturday, Trump himself hit them hard, assuring hisarrest will take place “Tuesday” and calling to “protest”.

Shortly after, however, one of his own spokesmen, Steven Chung, confirmed that the former president does not know when to be ; He is detained if there is an indictment, which would make him the first former US president to face criminal chargesin all history. In his statement Chung has clarified that there has been no “notification” and has urged the followers of the former president to attend a rally that the candidate for the Republican nomination for 2024 has convened on Saturday the 25th in Waco (Texas).Trump, according to various reports, spent Saturday morning playing golf at his golf club. golf in Jupiter (Florida).

Ghosts of the Capitol

The play is once again pure Trump. A day after returning to YouTube and Facebook with the message “I'm back”, and NBC giving the exclusive with a leak that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies were As they prepare for an eventual impeachment in New York “as soon as next week”, Trump has gone to his own social network, Truth, to ensure that it will be arrested Tuesday, citing “illegal leaks,” and calling for those protests.

At 7:26 a.m. morning from Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, has posted the message, written entirely in the caps that is equivalent to shouting on the Internet, and which has many of the usual elements of his diatribes. There is criticism of the He allegedly politicized the Manhattan prosecutor's office headed by the Democrat Alvin Bragg (whom he accuses of being financed by George Soros), to “anarchists from the >radical left” or border policy and assessments such as “the American dream is dead” and the US is “a third world country and dying”.

But yes. What has managed to catch the attention and set off alarms has been with the final sentence: “¡Protest. Take back our nation!” Those words arouse the echoes of the harangues that were launched by the police. online to his followers after the 2020 elections, which he lost. In front of Joe Biden some results that he has refused to accept and has tried to discredit with discredited accusations of an alleged (and non-existent) fraud. Those messages culminated in January 6, 2021, the day that after a demonstration in Washington to which he had also called supporters, assuring that it would be “wild ” and in which he encouraged Following the protests, calling for “fight like hell“, a mob ended up killing them. He stormed the Capitol and tried to break it. stop the certification of the results of the presidential elections. 

In his message this Saturday, Trump also insists that there are “patriots arrested and held captive like animals,” a clear reference to those charged and convicted of the assault on the Capitol.


It is not definitive that there will be an indictment, much less that Trump could be convicted in a case in which the prosecution is considering a unprecedented combination of laws. One pursues the misdemeanor of forgery of documents for those related to payments of $130,000 that Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer in 2015, made for the criminal charges. He was asked to silence Stormy Daniels, the porn actress and director who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Trump (an extreme that he denies). The other law would raise the severity of the offense by adding those payments to violations of the campaign finance laws , as Cohen paid the bill. He contacted Daniels shortly before the 2020 election, according to him, on “direct order from Trump” and “for the primary purpose of influencing the election >”. In any case, even if convicted, you may not face the possibility of prison.

The timing is also unclear.He will not know where the indictment or arrest could take place, especially since at least one more person is expected to testify before the grand jury this week, according to what The New York Times has reported. And neither the former president nor his team have specific information that would allow them to point to Tuesday as the specific day of the possible arrest. It is considered that the date was one of those that some adviser pointed out as a possibility.

In addition to Chung's statement, another was issued by Trump's lawyer, Susan Necheles, in which she explained that the former president took Tuesday's date from the news published on Friday by NBC and others. media. The lawyer has taken the opportunity to stress that it is a “political” case and to accuse Bragg's office of “leaking everything to the press instead of communicating with the lawyers of the President Trump as you would normally do.”

Trump, moreover, has already received the loudspeaker of powerful Republicans. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has posted a message on Twitter speaking of a “shocking abuse of powerby a radical prosecutor.” He has accused Bragg of seeking “political vendetta” against Trump and has announced that he will urge the president. “relevant committees to immediately investigateIf federal funds are being used to subvert democracy by interfering in elections.”

Anxiety and DeSantis

Trump has been “deeply anxious at the prospect of being arrested” according to what sources close to the former president have told 'The New York Times', who have also explained that he saw “horrified & rdquor; Images of Allen Weisselberg, former financial adviser to the Trump Organization, arrested in 2021 and flanked by police officers in court (Weisselberg was indicted and pleaded guilty in a separate case) were broadcast on television.

His potential arrest also provides a curious political twist in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination strong>. If an arrest warrant is issued and Trump is at Mar-a-Lago he should choose to turn himself in to authorities in New York or face extradition from Florida. And as David Aronberg, state attorney for Palm Beach County, explained on CNN, that extradition order would have to be signed by Governor Ron DeSantis. n has not formally announced that he will aspire to the post. The nomination by 2024 is considered as a de facto candidate already and seen, by all observers and by Trump himself, as his main rival, and the war between the two becomes more serious. intense every day.

Aronberg has also predicted that if there is an indictment “there will be protests” in Palm Beach, adding: “You have to worry about the potential for violence >”.

In Truth, Frank Pavone, a Trump supporter and anti-abortion activist, has written sharing the president's message: “Oh yeah, we will protest, and it will be powerfully forceful!”.