Trump promised to create a missile defense system to protect the United States from hypersonic weapons

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Trump promised to create a missile defense system to protect the US from hypersonic weapons

Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Former US President Donald Trump said that if he is re-elected head of state in 2024, he will create a missile defense system that will protect America from hypersonic nuclear weapons. He said this in his video message, which was published on Forbes YouTube channel.

According to Trump, the world has become much more dangerous under current US President Joe Biden. He also noted that a possible third world war would turn out to be an “unprecedented catastrophe”, against which the first two would look like “very insignificant battles”.

The former head of the United States emphasized that conflict will be nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles that can “wipe out entire cities and countries” in minutes.

"I will build a shield to protect America from missile attacks. We will have peace through strength. We we had it, and we didn't have wars. We didn't have wars during the Trump administration — keep that in mind", — said the former president of the United States.

Earlier, Donald Trump stated that if he were now in the head of the White House, he could achieve a peaceful settlement of the “conflict”; in Ukraine in during the day. In              should end the hostilities by concluding a deal, and not send aid to millions of dollars             

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