Trump opposes the transfer of assets to Asia because of cheap labor

For many years entrepreneurs from the United States transferred their production to Asia because of cheap labor. However, today Donald trump is strongly against such a policy, therefore, does everything to return the assets back.

Трамп выступает против переноса активов в Азию из-за дешевой рабочей силы

Historically, that the United States had misgivings about Asia. After the Second world war, Washington helped Japan to create an economic miracle, with the result that the country eventually became a threat to the States. Since 2010, this place was occupied by China. Today, many American businessmen are moving their assets to China because there is cheap labor and more favorable terms from the state. America has already passed a similar path to Japan, so Donald trump opposes such a policy. The US President intends to return production in the country and therefore strengthen the economy.

It should be noted, trump has already begun to take steps in this direction. Economic war with China, pressure on Japan, the political beliefs of American businessmen may eventually bear fruit. Still need to understand the transfer of production back to America promises to high costs for entrepreneurs, so it is not known how Donald trump will force these people to abandon more output conditions. About it reports the Internet-portal “Nation News”.

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