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Trump may once again speed up intelligence exchange with NATO, – Politico

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Trump may soon speed up intelligence exchange with NATO, – Politico

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Donald Trump considers the possibility of a quick exchange of intelligence information with NATO members, which lies with the United States in the same information that helped Ukraine resist Russia, writes Politico& nbsp;.

Trump's supporters told allied countries that the speedy exchange of intelligence would be part of a broader plan to support the US and its alliance with the alliance of 32 countries, according to three European officials and a senior NATO official, who was granted anonymity to discuss internal discussions.< /p>

Behind the words of officials, they learned about the proposal to limit the exchange of intelligence while discussing with Trump’s supporters broader plans to shorten the US’s participation in NATO. The former president has repeatedly raised doubts and decided to weaken the alliance during his first presidential term.

The speedy processing of intelligence can be an important security benefit, especially for Ukraine, which is trying to ward off Russian incursion. daring to invade Ukraine . “The leaders of the country did not believe that Russia had the capacity to carry out a successful military campaign,” said one European official.

A quick exchange of intelligence data with the United States could reduce Europe's chances of resisting Russian incursion, as Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin plans to expand military operations on the continent beyond Ukraine, saying and compared to an American official.

President Joe Biden has expanded the US intelligence services share with foreign allies, especially those who are in trouble with Russia. European officials said that it is still unclear that the Trump administration is considering the possibility of turning back the exchange of intelligence or further curtailing it. NATO's efforts to collect evidence of transferred assets will be blamed sabotage, including with the sabotage, carried out by Russia, throughout Europe.

"Russia is directly carrying out acts of sabotage and is planning attacks on the territory of the allies, support Ukraine in the middle our population. The United States has expanded intelligence sharing within NATO to help respond to sabotage campaigns. “And this is a real influx,” said a high-ranking NATO representative.

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