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Trump attacks deal on immigration from Mexico | US elections 2024

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Donald Trump considers that this agreement would open the door to terrorists in the United States. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

Donald Trump on Saturday underlined his opposition to an agreement negotiated between Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress on immigration, which Joe Biden defends by promising that he would give him the authority to close the border with Mexico.

A bad agreement on the border is much worse than no agreement at all! wrote in capital letters the Republican favorite for the 2024 presidential election on his Truth Social network.

Close the border! he added, attributing to the current situation a terrorist risk in the United States.

While immigration at the border with Mexico will be one of the key subjects of the next presidential election, in which Donald Trump is well on his way to being a candidate for the third time in a row, American President Joe Biden is trying to pass a immigration bill negotiated in the Senate.

US Elections 2024

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US Elections 2024

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Joe Biden called on conservative parliamentarians on Friday evening not to block this already negotiated project, assuring that if it was adopted, it would be of the toughest and fairest set of reforms we have ever had in our country to secure the border.

He would give me, as president, new emergency authority to close the border when it is overwhelmed, added Joe Biden, who even assured that he would use this power on the same day of the ;entry into force of the law.

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Joe Biden defended the bill by emphasizing the powers he would obtain to close the border if necessary. (File photo)

Earlier, Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson warned that any vote on new Funding for aid to Ukraine as well as for strengthening the border with Mexico – where a record number of migrants are arriving – was stillborn.

The two subjects are now negotiated together, which jeopardizes deliveries of weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian army.

Donald Trump has made immigration one of the major axes of his campaign to regain the White House in 2025 and he is using his influence with the Republicans to block any agreement.< /p>

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